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The First Big Biffa Vote

It's the crews first day off.
But they are still needed at the Depot. Today they must vote off the first person from Big Biffa.
Each crew member must vote for which member they wish to be voted out of the game. Each member must also give their reasons for why they have voted how they have.
In the result of a tie the casting vote will be made by Archie Simms the Depot's Guv.

As Warren has only been with the team for one day he is unable to vote, but can be voted against.
Here is how the crew voted:

Frank votes for Warren
It's difficult to single anyone one person out. Everyone has given it their all this week. There have been times when we have been really up against it and been a few men down. But in the end I have to go for Warren as I think the other lads have done more than enough to stay on another week, where as Warren has only done one days work. Through no fault of his own I admit, but that is my choice.

Jurgen votes for Warren
Short of being to scared to vote for Rocky, I want Warren to be the first out. It is maybe unfair as he has only been with us for one day, but I value my health dispite being over worked this week and therefore Warren gets my vote and not Rocky.......who I think is great.

Derek votes for Warren
I have been lucky enough to have been sat in the Cab all week so I have seen everything unfold.There has been a lot of hard work been put in thie week and the crew should be congratulated for it. But Warren has been very quiet this week. In fact I only really remember seeing him yesterday. Therefore I think he should be voted off first. Everyone else has been working like mad, Warren hasn't even been seen in my eyes.

Arnold votes for Warren
I knew this part would be difficult. I said to myself at the beginning of the week when Iw as voted in as Union Rep that I would use the information I got from that to help me choose who I would vote for. The trouble is that I am so shit scared of Rocky that there is no way I am going to vote for him. I thought Jurgens actions yesterday were very damaging for him and I would bet that he will be the one who goes today, so on that basis I am going to vote for Warren so that it is not a landslide vote against Jurgen.

Rocky votes for Warren
It's quite simple really, Warren is a trouble maker and I want him off. It would have been Clive only he bottled it the other day. So yeah Warren gets my vote. Plus he looks like a scarecrow.

So the first crew member to be voted off with a total of 5 votes against him is Warren Liver. After only one day with the crew, the team have voted that he is the member they most want to leave.

We will be interviewing Warren later to get his reaction on the result and to reflect on his time on Big Biffa.

But after Week One we are now down to 5 BinMen. The prize is a week closer for one of our men. Who will make it to become crowned Big Biffa 2003?
Stay Tuned.

For now we say
Goodbye Warren Liver.

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