Day Seven
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Day Six: Highlights

5:15am Big Biffa has a surprise for the depleated crew. With Clive having to pull out the day before because of injury, the Big Biffa tam have brought in a replacement.
Warren Liver has been called in from the standby list and will take Clives place.

5:34am Archie calls the crew together for a little chat before they set out for the day. He formally introduces Warren to the team and also reminds them that tomorrow they are going to have to vote off the first crew member from Big Biffa. The team don't have any routes to complete on a Sunday and they will simply have to come in and vote for who they want gone.

5:40am With the thought of their first vote very much at the front of their minds now, the crew set off on their days route.

5:45am With the crews mind elsewhere, Warren has been a bit over looked. So he decides to introduce himself to his new team mates. Dispite everyone welcoming him, it is clear that they are not too interested at the moment.

5:52am As Union Rep Arnold is asked by Frank to keep an eye on Warren and to show him the ropes on his first day. Arnold is still very sore from the attack he was faced with the day before.
But after seeing Clive having to pull out yesterday he has decided not to risk taking any time off injured.

6:12am Warren clearly out to try and impress his new mates is working at a very quick speed. This does not go un-noticed a by Rocky. Having prided himself on the speed he is able to work, Rocky now see's Warren as a treat.

6:31am Rocky pulls Warren to one side. The Big Biffa Viewers can clearly hear Rocky warn Warren not to over do it. He tells him that there is only room for one fast worker on their crew. He also informs Warren that the crew are now a very close team and that he will have to work hard to gain their trust.

7:01am Jurgen is starting to show real signs of Fatigue. The whole team were very tired yesteday and had started to slow up a bit, but Jurgen doesn't seem to have benifitted from the rest inbetween yesterday and today. Complaining for aching all over he asks Arnold if there is anything he can do to reduce the work load. As Union Rep, Arnold must take up every complaint or suggestion given to him from any team member, but on this occation he tells Jurgen that there will be nothing anyone will be able to do about the work load.
Jurgen is not happy with the response, but does go back about his work.

7:25am It is clear that Jurgen is now slacking in his work. The rest of the team are starting to notice. Jurgen clearly not hapy with the response Arnold gave him earlier, has decided to slow right down. It has yet to effect the crews efforst with Warren and Rocky seemingly trying to out work each other.

7:50am Frank is forced to take Jurgen to one side and talk to him about the lack of work he is putting int today.
Frank reminds him that today is possibly not the best day to start sulking and slacking off his work with the vote only a day away. His actions would be more than fresh in his team mates minds when they come to vote someone off in tomorrows vote.

8:17am Tension is starting to mount between Rocky and Warren. It is clear that Warren has not taken any notice of Rocky's earlier warning and has continued to work at a rate of knots. The other crew memebers start to notice that Rocky could be eyeing up his next victim. Arnold and Frank try and calm the situation down before anything comes of it by trying to get the men working of differnet sides of the road. It seems to work and the crew get back on with their work.

8:36am Jurgen finally makes a stand against what he thinks is far too much work. Not being used to this amount of work as a Binman back home in Germany, Jurgen takes up his seat in the cab and stays there refusing to join the team again for another 30 minutes.

9:00am The viewers of Big Biffa have not been treated the kind of drama today that they have been used to so far this week. The team are clearly trying to stay on their best behaviour with the vote only a day away.
Everyone apart from Rocky seems to like Warren, who has tried his best to work well in the team.
Arnold has informed Jurgen that if he stays in the Dust Carts Cab any longer he will be seen as being on strike and under Big Biffa rules this will mean he could be thrown off the show. Without the rest of the crew joining him on strike he is faced with not making it past the first week.

9:03am Jurgen reluctantly rejoins the team. But the damage could already be done.
How will the team vote tomorrow.
Someone has to leave and the rest will continue to battle it out to win Big Biffa.
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