Day Six
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Day Five: Highlights

5:23am The team arrive at the Depot to hear the news that Clive will be rejoining Big Biffa. They are told that he will not be 100% after a night in Hospital, but he has chosen to rejoin the team today or face being told he will not be allowed to take part any longer.

5:32am Archie calls the team together before they head out for the morning. Archie has become very concerned about the bad press Big Biffa has been given after more than a few incidents that have had to involve the police. The worst coming this morning. The papers have gone mad over Dereks accident while driving and are calling for the show to be axed. Big Biffa's lawyers have been working through the night trying to find some loop hole that will stop the blind man, who's dog Derek ran over the previous day, from being able to sue them.
Rocky is also told that he will have to watch how he goes from now on as one more brush with the law and it could all be over for him.

5:47am Clive finally arrives at the Depot and the team are ready to go.
The talk in the cab as they head off for their days route is how Clive is feeling. Rocky doesn't say a word. Clive tells the group that he was flooded by messages from well wishers and that is what made him come back.

6:15am Arnold comes across a bin that is loaded up to the top with garden waste. Big Biffa rules state that any bin containing Garden waste or anything that is not household waste can not be emptied into the DustCart. With Arnold this weeks Union Rep it is more than his life's worth to turn a blind eye. He makes Frank aware and the bin is left untouched.

6:17am The team and suddenly confronted by a very angry man. The bloke is mainly interested in Arnold. He has been watching Big Biffa on TV when he recognised his house. It was his bin that had been full of Garden Waste. Not happy that his bin has not been emptied, he demands that Arnold go back and do the job. Arnold explains to the man that he can not do that and that he should know not to use the everyday bin for such waste.
After 5 minutes of getting nowhere the man backs off and goes back home.

6:32am Going about their job the team are suddenly confronted by the same man again. This time he is armed with a tree branch that has cleary come from his unemptied bin. Seeking out Arnold again he startes to attack him with the branch. Arnold clearly in no position to fight back, calls for some help from Rocky. The help is not forthcoming. With Rocky having been in trouble a few times this week already, he stays well away from the trouble.
The man contiues to attack Arnold who is now making some very high pitched noises of pain.

6:33am Frank and Jurgen finally pull the man off. Arnold is clearly injured and has cuts all over his arms and face. The man is still shouting and trying to get away so he can have another go at Arnold. Cries of "this is what you get when you don't empty my bin" can be heard being shouted at him.

6:56am The Police and Ambulance crew finally arrive on the scene. The man is put in the back of the police car and taken away. Arnold is clearly far too hurt to carry on any more today. The team will have to again finish the day at least one man down.

7:28am Fatigue seems to be creeping into the crew. It's been a long week already for them, most of which has been spent a man down each day. With Arnold gone again, the team are now start to carry Clive who is clearly in pain still after the beating Rocky gave him a few days ago. The work rate is starting to slow down and it seems like they will be finishing the day late again.

8:10am Bins are now starting to get left as the team attempt to make up some time. Frank who is usually quick to pick up on such slackness has so far not noticed. This could mean bad news for the crew. Any complaints about missed bins from owners means the crew will have to go back the following day before they start that days work.

8:30am Another diaster for the Big Biffa crew. Clive has collapsed in pain. He is clearly no longer up to the job and will not be able to carry on again today. With Clive having missed a whole day already, if he was to pull out now he would be out of Big Biffa all together. The Big Biffa team send out their medic to check how bad Clive really is. It is soon agreed that Clive can not continue. He is the first person to have to leave the show, and it all comes before the first vote on Sunday.
Rocky is the first to go over and try to console Clive, dispite the fact that it was Rocky who caused the injuries he is clearly gutted that Clive is having to pull out.
Clive doesn't quite see it the same way and kicks Rocky in the shin.

8:42am The Police finally arrive on the scene.
Clive is already being given medical attention after being knocked out by Rocky. The police have again seen everything on TV before being called out. Due to Clive kicking Rocky to start with, they decide to over look the matter.
The crew continue about their days work, another man down. But there is an air of silence around them, all gutted that Clive is now out of the game.
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