Day Five
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Day Four: Highlights

5:03am Derek is first to arrive at the Depot. He has even beaten Archie. Having been out all night and not having yet gone home, it is clear that Derek is still very much drunk. Realising he is first to turn up and unable to get in he sits himself down outside the main door and waits to Archie to arrive.

5:20am Archie arrives, 10 minutes later than usual. He finds Derek asleep at the door.
Archie opens up and then goes about trying to wake Derek up.

5:30am The rest of the Team finally all arrive to find Derek sat down holding his head clearly in some pain trying to drink a mug of coffee. Archie can be seen trying to wipe sick off his jacket and shoes.

5:45am Derek confesses to the rest of the team that he has yet to go home. He tells them that he had been down the pub when two women in their late 50's had noticed him from the Big Biffa programme and offered to buy him some drinks. They had confessed to him that he was their favorite from Big Biffa. They had ended up going to a club until they went back to someone's flat for a couple of hours. Derek then proceeds to show off the love bites by dropping his trousers..

5:50am After giving Derek a few more mugs of coffee it is agreed that he is possibly ok to continue driving the Cart as no one else really wants to.
The Crew get about starting the day, 20 minutes behind schedule.

6:15am The crew are going about their work without any incident. Rocky seems to be keeping himself to himself. Everyone decides it would be best not to mention the fight with Clive the day before.
The Crew have yet to hear anything back about whether Clive will be able to carry on in Big Biffa.

6:33am Derek's driving is starting to become a problem. Thinking they would get away with letting Derek drive dispite clearly still being drunk, it seems that they are not going to be able to allow Derek to carry on for much longer.

6:47am Frank calls the team together. Derek is driving all over the place and Frank doesn't want to risk losing yet another member with them already a man down. Frank asks Arnold, Jurgen and Rocky if one of them will take over from Derek.

6:50am Derek jumps back into the cab to continue the days driving after no one came forward to take over. Frank gives Derek strict instructions to go as slow as possible and to think about what he is doing.

7:04am After four days on Big Biffa, the crew get their first eye opener that they are totally in the public eye. While going about their work, two men appear and confront Rocky. Both have T-Shirts bearing the slogan "Clive for PM".
Clearly not happy with the fact that Rocky has injured their hero they have come to confront Rocky. Cornering Rocky they start to push him about asking to prove just how hard he thinks he is.

7:15am The police and Ambulance crews finally arrive on the scene. The two men are treated for their injuries and Rocky is again questioned by the police. With evidence that the two men confronted Rocky having been broadcast on live TV, Rocky is not arrested. The two men are strechered into the back of the Ambulance and taken away.

7:29am The Team are free to continue about their work. The incident does give the team a reminder that their every move is being watched.

8:12am Derek's driving finally becomes too much of a problem. The Teams gamble of still allowing Derek to drive this morning finally comes to a bitter end after he somehow manages to run over a guide dog just entering the road at a set of traffic lights. The dogs owner is unharmed, but is now without his dog that acted as his eyes to the world and that was also his bestest friend in the whole world.

8:23am The Police finally arrive on the scene.
The police admit to having watched the whole tale of events unfold on TV but decided to let Derek continue driving on the off chance he managed to get through the whole day without incident after having put a combined kitty of 1000 on Derek to win Big Biffa.
They give Derek a Breathaliser test. He fails and the police give him a caution there on the spot. Angry onlookers demand that he is arrested, but with the police standing to win over 250k they explain to the crowd of people that have now gathered that as no people had been harmed they were unable to arrest him under a new EU Law.
The police make their getaway as quick as they can after informing Frank that someone else will have to drive for the rest of the day.

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