Day Four
The Crew
The Guv
Archie Simms
Day Three: Highlights

5:30am The crew are ready to go and for the first time will be able to work as a whole group.
Archie calls the group together jus before the set off on Wednesdays route.
Due to a complaint by the Indian Resturant, the team will have to go back there and empty their bins before they start todays work. Archie also warns the team that more reports of this nature could result in official warnings.

5:53am The team arrive at the said resturant. After being confronted by a load of Alsations the day before they decide to draw lots as to which two will go round to the back and bring the bins round.
With Derek driving, Frank insisting that as Team Leader he shouldn't be in the draw and Jurgen suddenly unable to understand English, only Arnold, Clive and Rocky go into the hat.
Arnold instantly informs the group that as Union Rep he should not be considered for such a dangerous task.
Clive and Rocky have no choice but to brave it.

6:10am The team start to get annoyed at Clive's antics at putting off going round the back. Rocky is raring to go and is starting to get impaitent. Clive has already had enough of Rocky and isn't happy about the comments he is making towards him.
Rocky continues to call Clive a pussy and a faggot.
Clive see's this as his chance to show Rocky a story in this mornings edition of The Sport that includes an interview with a man claiming to be Rockys gay lover.

6:25am Clive and Rocky are finally split up. It is decided that Clive is now unfit to take on this challange with two possible broken ribs. Frank being team leader decides to take his place and lead by example.
The two finally make their way round the back.

6:29am The two finally reappear with the bins. There seems to be no sign of any attack from any dogs.
The bins are emptied into the back of their cart. Frank explains that the dogs seem to have gone without trace. He also remarks that someone has left a bag full of lovely animal furs in a bin bag. Unsure if it was rubbish he has left it there.
The Crew are finally ready to start their days route.

7:45am The team are getting through the days work without any problems, and the viewers are treated to some expert waste collection. Jurgen again seems to be hanging back a bit and is reluctant to deal with the heavier bins.
Arnold seems to be the star of the day. Able to deal with two bins at a time using expert technique to turn and empty the bins.

8:12am Big Biffa viewers are left shocked when Clive suddenly collapses while doing a routine lift of an old style metal bin. He seems in a lot of pain. The rest of the team rush round him to see what is the problem.

8:20am Fears that Clive is in serious trouble seem to be confirmed when Frank suggests calling an Ambulance. Clive is holding his rib cage and it seems clear that his earlier fight with Rocky could have left him with serious injuries.

9:30am The Ambulance finally turns up. Clive is now in a huge amount of pain and there are fears that he may have punctured a lung with one of his ribs while lifting the bin. The Ambulance team announce they got there as soon as they could, not realising that Big Biffa was a reality live show while watching and recieving the call. "We thought you lot were actors see, it was only when Clive started turning a funny colour that he might actually be really hurt".

10:02am Clive has finally been taken away to hospital. The Big Biffa team and his crew member left with no idea if he will be fit again in time to continue taking part. The signs are not good and Clive could now miss out. No official decision will be made until the following day when the full exstent of his injuries are known.

10:10am The team go back about their job, but the mood in the cart is very down. They must yet again finish a day at least a man down. The crew are all worried about the walfare of Clive and there is not much banter and the mood is quiet. The crew individually go about getting through what has turned into a very sad day. They all remain quiet and somber. Apart from Rocky who seems to be making himself cope better with the shock incident by whistling and singing. He even finds time to sign some autographs on the way and chat up a Lollypop Lady.

12:23am The Crew are done again for the day. The rest of the day has passed without any incident or events. The crew keeping very much to themselves. Frank goes into Archie's office to find out how Clive is. There is still no news. But the Police are waiting to question Rocky. He pleeds not guilty dispite half the nation having seen the fight between him and Clive live on TV.

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