Day Three
The Crew
The Guv
Archie Simms
Day Two: Highlights

5:10am The crew arrive early and upbeat after a moral lifting talk from Frank in the Staff Room the day before.
Wanting to put the previous says problems behind them, the crew show willing that they want to put everything right from the off.

5:17am The team are faced with their first problem of the day. Dispite being ready to go early they have no Dustcart to drive. During all the excitement of the previous day, no one has gone back to the police station to collect their cart after it had been taken away.
Derek tells the team he will go and collect it after his big mistake yesterday.

6:45am Derek finally returns to the Depot with the Cart,a nd the crew are finally ready to go.
They will have to take up two routes today, yesterdays and todays. The team are also a man down after Rocky was arrested, although it is thought that he will be able to join up with them by the time they are ready to start the second route.

7:13am Big Biffa is finally underway and viewers finally get the chance to watch the crew in action with live footage of the men at work. There is not much talk or real action to talk of, with the crew trying to race through yesterdays route so they can get started on todays work.

8:34am The team come across their first hazard of Big Biffa. On the route they need to collect the rubbish from a local Indian Resturant. The bins are kept round the back of the building. The crew are confronted with 10 Alsation dogs that are being kept near the bins. The dogs are left to roam free, the teams problem is that the dogs are not too happy to see them and are not letting them get anywhere near the bins. With Rocky still yet to rejoin them, the crew agree there is no one stupid enough to risk taking on the dogs and the bins are left unemptied.

9:15am The Big Biffa viewers are treated to the first real argument. Derek has put on a country and western tape much to the disgust of the rest of the crew. "I'm the one who is sat in the cab all day, so I will put on what I like". Jurgen and Frank try to calm down Clive and Arnold who say the music is making them feel quite punchy.
Derek continues to listen to his music and tries to annoy Clive and Arnold more by singing along.

10:55am The Team have finished the first route in what turns out to amazing time. It has got the crew in good spirits as they get ready to take on the original days route.

11:23am The crew are rocked by news that they are now going to have to do their second route yet another man down. With still no sign of Rocky, Arnold announces to the team that he has to go and attend a Union meeting and will not be able to help them for the remainer of the day. As the crew are a whole day behind schedule Arnolds meeting was arranged with a view that he would be finished for the day by 11am today.

12:20pm Down to just 4 men, the crew are starting to tire. Jurgen is complaining of fatigue dispite this being only the first real day of work.

1:03pm With the crew almost on their last legs and only half way through their route, they are glad to finally welcome back Rocky Stallone. The crew gather round Rocky to find out how he is, but are a little upset to find out that Rocky was released at 8am this morning and he has spent the rest of the time at home drinking. Rocky claims that after a night of hell he needed to unwind and gently ease himself back into freedom.
Clive, who has already seemingly got it in for Rocky reminds him that he was only banged up for one night and that he has let the team down from day one.
Frank gets the team back to work before any further heated words can be said.

1:34pm The crew, now with a almost a full team, start to get on top of things and no further problems come up.
There is a little tension between Rocky and Clive but nothing between the two is said.

2:15pm The route is finally complete and the team are done for the day. They have manged to keep their heads down and get the job done without any real incidents. Tension seems to be building between Clive and Rocky, and the crew are still not too happy about Arnold having to go to a Union meeting before the work had been finished. Frank thanks his lads for their hard work. Jurgen requests a meeting with Archie regarding the work rate that seems to be expected of them.
The rest retire to the Staff Room before heading home for the day.

Day One