Day Nineteen
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Day Eighteen: Highlights

5:23am It has been a long night for Big Biffa. The show already under threat are now faced with their latest crisis. And this time it could mean the end.
Archie and Derek are called into a meeting with the Big Biffa Officials.
Over night a strike has been called by the Union who look after the Binmen in the UK. As Big Biffa are using the same Union during the four weeks, this means that they too will have to go on strike.
But Big Biffa have also found out that an investigation into a man's death has started. A man has been found laying in a skip size bin outside an office. It is thought he was thrown in and then crushed by office paper work that had been thrown in after he was put in there.

6:10am The team have been waiting around to see what action Big Biffa are going to take. There is still no news from the meeting room.
The remaining crew are talking about the news of the man found in the bin. They realise that this might not be something they will be able to get away with this time and start to point the finger at Rocky. Frank, having been inside before is keen to make sure the viewers pick up that he had nothing to do with it. Arnold also goes along with having nothing to do with the incident at all. Rocky is left arguing back and not doing a very good job of it.

6:15am The three are still going over who is to blame. Rocky, starting to get a bit punchy tries to bully the other two into saying they were involved. In the end, Arnold put forward that they should all blame Derek.
It's agreed.

7:00am With the meeting still going on, the three decide that it would be wise to release an official press statement saying that Derek is behind the man being thrown in the bin.
With Press always hanging around the Depot they don't have to go far to get their message across.

7:15am The meeting is finally over, it has been agreed that Big Biffa will strike with the rest of the Binmen. They have also decided that nothing will be said about the dead man until if and when the police come and question anyone. As far as they are all concerned, they don't know a thing.

7:30am The team are outside the Depot on strike, doing their bit. Big Biffa has let it be known that despite the problems they may have given to the Unions these past few weeks, they are right behind them on all issues, and they no longer wish to bring Waste Disposal a bad name.

7:45am The Police arrive and ask where Derek is. They have come to arrest him for the murder of the found Office man.
Derek looks puzzled having just come out of a meeting where it was agreed no one would say anything. Frank, Arnold and Rocky try not to look Derek in the eye.

8:10am It doesn't take long for word to get out about Derel's arrest and the Press are asking the other three questions about it. Rocky seems more than happy to give his side of the story, claiming that the other three were no where near the incident and Derek must have done it while no one was looking. Frank and Arnold decide that "no comment" is maybe the best option for now.

8:20am With the Press now all over the place, all wanting a word with whoever will talk to them, Archie decides to make an Official Statement on the matter. With Big Biffa under pressure to be pulled he shows that he and Big Biffa will in no way defend Derek for what he has done.
Archie announces that Derek is a Dirty, filthy, scummy murderer and isn't fit to live amungst the human race.
When asked if that is a fair comment considering he has yet to be found guilty, Archie's only response is "What sort of world do we live in where a man can not accuse another man of Murder without being question over his comments".

10:17am With much of the excitment now died down, the strike goes on. The team remain on their picket line. There is still no word on Derek from the Police or even on the news.
Rocky, Frank and Arnold feel they may have got away with it.
Frank tries to make the other feel better about what they have done. "If there is any justice they will find him innocent and he will be free". Rocky then points out that, that will mean they know who really did it. Frank replies with "I hope they fry him, murdering cockroach".
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