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Day Seventeen: Highlights

5:20am It seems everyone is now having their say about Big Biffa. After yesterday's episode with the homeless, there is growing pressure for Big Biffa to be pulled. Although it is widely thought that most of the pressure could well be coming from a very worried Channel 4 source. With Big Brother 4 only days away from starting there is growing concern that Big Biffa will take all the ratings.
The matter has even been brought up in Prime Ministers Question Time in Parliment.
The PM deciding to leave the issue to his back benchers.
The Team arrive for work, unsure if Big Biffa is indeed still going ahead.

5:30am Derek's outbursts the day before have made all the papers. Surprisingly he is finding backing for what he said, from the likes of Ken Livingstone, who has been looking for a way to cler the streets of London. It is said a job in Ken's team is waiting for Derek when Big Biffa finishes.
The rest of the team are trying not to draw Derek's attention to the stories in fear it may start him off again.
Although it is fair to say that it has caused huge interest in Big Biffa and viewing figures have soared.

5:45am Today's route has been replanned, making sure the crew don't enter into any areas where there could be problems. They have been sent into a Business Park just outside of town.

6:00am In a change to what they have had to do for the past two weeks, today looks like a simple case of backing the Cart up to where the bins are and emptying them. The crew seem quite chuffed that the day ahead looks such an easy one for a change.

6:15am The team come to their next location. The bins are full to the top with loads of junk sat next to them. The team are making good time today, they empty the bins and chuck the junk into the back of the Cart.

6:37am As the team go round, they are greeted by banners that are hanging from the offices that have been left there by the workers to greet the Big Biffa team that morning. They all seem to be backing the team, although one does catch the eye of Rocky and he isn't best pleased. It is taken from a line the Cafe owner used on him earlier in the week, reading "Your that reality Binman Twat who thinks he's Sly Stallone".
He point's it out to the others. Arnold informs Rocky that it seems to have become a bit of a saying, he also tells him he has seen at least 10 people wearing the T-Shirts.

7:00am Things are moving along nicely for the team and they are getting through loads of work. Not having to face any nasty situations so far, nothing has got in their way.
Rocky still seems upset by the banner he saw, to the point where he is thinking of going back to the Cafe and sorting out the Owner for starting it all.
Derek remins him that they never paid that day, so it might not be best to show their faces round there for now.

7:15am During a straight forward rubbish pick, the team hear a man shouting at them while running towards them. He doesn't look best pleased. Dressed in a suit and totally out of breath, the man finally catches up with them. Unable to speak, he bends down to catch his breath. Office life has clearly not helped.

7:20am The man finally gets his breath back enough to speak, the team have let him have  a cup of tea from their flask to help him come round.
The man finally starts to tell them what the problem is, but the rest has clearly not dampened his temper claiming, "You stupid twats have just thrown away some of our office equipment from outside the lock up down the road". It appears that not for the first time, they have thrown away something that wasn't rubbish, this time office equipment.
The man doesn't let up in his rant claiming that he is going to sue the shot out of them, and if they thought the tramps were going to cause trouble, they won't know what has hit them when he has finished.

7:30am The team are left with a desition to make.
While the office bloke was ranting, Rocky had decided he had heard enough from him and knocked him out. Rocky upset by the banner and now at the fact that some suit had come along, drank their tea and then had a go at them. Due to the location they were in this morning, no one has witnessed the incident, and so no police have been called.

7:35am The team decide that the best thing to do is to chuck the knocked out business man into one of the giant bins outside the office they have just picked up from. By the time the man was able to come round and get out, Arnold and the team are pretty sure they should be done and out the area.
The man is thrown in and the Big Biffa team go about their business as usual.

11:12am The rest of the morning passes without incident. With no news of the bloke in the bin they say nothing.
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