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Day Sixteen: Highlights

5:15am It's been a very busy night for the Big Biffa Bosses. The whole show is under threat after Derek and his team decided to throw away what they thought was old Cardboard the day before, only to find it was in fact the only housing some homeless people had to their name.
Lawyers hearing what had happened have been more than happy to come to the aid of the Homeless, and Big Biffa is now facing legal action.

Archie calls his men together. As it stand at the moment, the team are free to continue thier work. But they are warned that they could be pulled off the streets at a moments notice.

5:45am The mood is very quiet, with none of the team really believing what is going on. Derek was the one who made the decision and is livid that any action can be taken against Big biffa. He starts to rant on about how they had no way of knowing it was their housing, why wasn't anyone there when they took it all away, and how the hell homeless people could afford lawyers in the first place.
Arnold decides to try and shut Derek up before he says something that might work against him. With the cameras constantly on our Binmen, everything they say can be heard.

6:10am Arnolds attempts to shut Derek up have not worked, and the team are now starting to get very bored of his views on the homeless. Saying that they all really have homes and just choose to beg as a living because they can't be bothered to get real jobs, Derek is clearly playing a dangerous game.

6:35am It seems that Derek's comments have not gone un-noticed as feared. Entering a new street on the route, the Big Biffa lads are faced with 30 very angry Big Issue sellers.
They have all heard what Derek has been saying about the homeless and they look like they mean business.

6:39am Totally pissed off by the whole thing, Derek is more than happy to face the crowd. Telling them he has already had it up to here with all this. Derek asks them what they want. Once they have told him that they have just seen and heard what he has been saying on TV, it starts Derek off again.
Asking how the hell they have all managed to watch anything on TV if none of them have homes. Then then starts to go off on one again about his views about them all.

7:20am Derek finally seems to have finished what he has to say. The crowd then explain to him that they were able to watch Big Biffa at a day care centre.
Silence falls.
Derek finally answers by informing them all that those places cost loads of money a year to run and it most possibly comes out of the tax payers pocket. He then informs them that as a result they are costing him money simply because thet won't get jobs and real homes.

7:23am Rocky has finally had enough of all this waitinga round for this to all end so they can get on with their jobs.
He decides to sort the problem out in the way he knows best.

7:30am The Police finally arrive on the scene.
Rocky had decided that Derek needed shutting up and knocked him out, as a result the Big Issue sellers saw this as a chance to wade in themselves.
An Ambulance crew are called.

7:37am The Ambulance Crew finally arrive on the scene.
Derek is seen to by the Medics. Surprisingly he is not too badly hurt. It seems that the fact that the Homelsss have not had a decent meal in weeks meant that not even their combined strength was enough to injure Derek.
Realising this, Derek jumps back to his feet wanting to square up to them all. Shouts of "I'll fucking take you all on you wankers, you fucking smelly twats, come on, bring it on you scab sacks".
The police decide it might be best if they take Derek away and give him a chance to cool off.

7:40am The Police take Derek away, as he is lead away Derek is cheered by all the Housewifes who have come out to watch. Derek who has become a hit with all the over 50's during Big Biffa turns and gives them all a cheeky wink before being pushed into the back of the Police Car.
A pair of rather worn out apple picker knickers land on his head, thrown by one of his many fans.

7:47am The rest of the crew can finally get about finishing the mornings work. A man down, they will now have to work longer to get all the work done.
The Big Issue sellers disburse and Big Biffa is allowed to continue again.
The real problems today might have caused might not yet be known, but with rumours that there will be a strike if the Tramps are able to sue Big Biffa this might mean big problems.
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