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Day Fifteen: Highlights

5:21am It's the start of the third week for the team. Now down to just four binmen, everyone is wondering who will make it into the final week.
The routes this week, have been cut a bit to allow for the fact that the team are now down two men from the original 6.

5:25am As usual, like the past two weeks, the team must decide who will be taking which role for the coming week.
Team Leader, Union Rep and DustCart Driver are as usual the roles up for grabs.

5:40am The roles have been decided.
Derek will be Team Leader, Frank will be the Driver and for the second time Arnold will be the teams Union Rep.
Rocky is again left with no role to take.

5:50am The team start their days work. Although the routes have been shortened, the work will take the same amount of time to complete due to the number of men left.

6:08am Derek is faced with his first decision as Team Leader. The team have come across a load of cardboard and old sheets that have clearly not been put in the bins provided. The Big Biffa rules do state that only rubbish that is in the bins can be thrown unless it is in bin bags.
Derek decides that leaving it all there making the mess that it is will only give the press something new to slag the team off about. So his ruling decision is to throw it all in the back of the Cart. The team agree.

6:20am Starting to get into his new role as Leader, Derek decides on a new rule for the team. He puts it to the team that they should enjoy a Tea Break if they come across a Cafe. Usually the team just take 5 minutes for a drink from a Flask, but they are all keen on the new ruling.

6:54am The team are starting to have a few problems with Frank's driving. The are complaining that he is driving too fast and they are having trouble keeping up with him. As a result nearly half the bins in the road they have just been working in have not been emptied. The team must now go back and redo the ones that were missed, much to the annoyance of the team.
Frank seems unbothered.

7:30am After quite a bit of stop starting with Franks driving, they finally come across a Cafe and decide that they will stop for a tea break. They park up and go in for a mug of tea and something to eat.

7:35am Everyone has ordered, Rocky decides to chance his new fame and see if he can get everyones orders for free.
He has a quick word with the owner. He tries to convince the owner that he will make a lot of money out of them all coming in his Cafe and that they should let them order for free.
The owner seems to be having none of it. He claims he has no idea who they are. Saying they look just like Binmen to him. Rocky clearly not happy with this reaction askes "do you know who I am". The Owner doesn't one bit and tells him he just looks like some twat who thinks he is Sly Stallone.

7:45am The Police finally arrive on the scene.
Rocky not for the first time has totally lost his temper and done rather a lot of damage to the Cafe. Not happy with what the owner had said about him, Rocky went on an all to familiar rant of anger.
It is only at this time that the Owner suddenly realises that Rocky must be that Reality Binman who is always in trouble with the police.
He now informs Rocky he knows exactly who he is and says sorry "Your that Reality Binman Twat who thinks he's Sly Stallone".

7:50am The Ambulance crew finally arrive on the scene.
The Owner of the Cafe is taken away for medical attention.
Big Biffa Officials are contacted and told they will have to foot the bill for the damage. In the confusion of it all, Rocky and the rest of the team slip away before anyone is arrested.
They all decide that maybe Cafe breaks will be a bad thing in the future.

8:25am The next half hour goes past without any problems other than Franks Driving. He is still going to fast for the rest of the crew to keep up. The team have had to go back down two roads again now to re-do the bins that have been missed. The team are starting to get annoyed.

10:45am The rest of the day passes with no need for the police again. But when the crew get back to the Depot they are greeted by Archie and 7 tramps.
It seems that the cardboard and sheeting they threw away at the start of the morning was in fact bedding and some of the only possessions these homeless people had.
Derek tries to play down the mistake but the tramps are having none of it. They have lost everything they have and they want blood.

11:15am No comman ground seems to be reached and the Tramps inform Big Biffa that they will be taking this as far as they can. As the whole thing has been seen on Live TV, the tramps are greeted by a group of Lawyers at the gates all wanting to take the case on. It seems this one could be going all the way to the top.
Archie calls Derek in for an emergency meeting.
The rest of the team retire to the staffroom.

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