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Day Fourteen: Highlights

The Second Big Biffa Vote

It's a day off for the crew again, but as usual it also means it's voting day. Today we will lose the second person from the Big Biffa Team.
It's been another long and eventful week.
Rumours that Big Biffa was to be stopped have come and gone.
The Police now must know the team by first names.

The same rules for the vote apply as last week.
Here is how the Voting went:

Frank Votes for Jurgen
Being a man down from last week, I feel my vote has to go against the man who has been of least help to us. We have been up against it. The same amount of work as last week and with less men. Jurgen was desperate to be the driver this week, and it was only for one reason, he didn't want to work. I can't fault his driving but the episode where we had to mess about with his dry cleaning was a joke, he has to go.

Jurgen Votes for Frank
This weeks vote is an easy one for me. Frank has been on my back all week. Not enough that anyone would notice but in snide remarks about my work rate. I feel I have done well. He also made comments on my taste in jumpers. They were all brought for me special by my Mum before I came on here. He has hurt me.

Derek Votes for Arnold
It's a tough one this week. Not sure I can single anyone person out. Work wise I think we have worked well together, and no one has really let anyone else down. So I am going to have to vote for Arnold simply because the sight of him in his Gimp mask this week made me want to be sick. Then the sight of his ripped lip made me want to be sick...............and his breath is a bit dodgy as well. I'm not sure I like him actually.

Arnold Votes for Jurgen
As Team Leader this week, I have been keeping an eye on the weeks events. I feel the team have worked together through another hard week. But Jurgen has been almost the missing link of the Team. I certainly was not happy about all that messing about with his Dry Cleaning. He has to go, plus he smells of German Sausage.

Rocky Votes for Jurgen
As I can't vote for that twat Warren again this week, I want Jurgen off the team. He bores me, he moans about the work. Plus he drove the Cart like a child. Na, can;'t be dealing with him anymore, get him off the show.

With all the votes cast, Jurgen Samsung is the second Big Biffa member to be voted off with three of the five votes this week.

Jurgen will be interviewed by Big Biffa soon and you will be able to read the whole thing.

So, then there were Four. We are now half way through Big Biffa 2003. The prize is getting closer for one of our lucky Binmen, but who has what it takes to make it?
Keep watching............

For now we say
Goodbye Jurgen Samsung.
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