Day Thirteen
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Day Twelve: Highlights

5:15am Rocky is surprisingly the first team member to arrive at the Depot. The cuts he got from yesterdays attack are nothing serious. He is wearing a sleeveless t-shirt and is clearly more than happy to show off his new battle wounds.

5:33am The rest have all arrived and the mood is a good one. The team feel they turned a corner yesterday after some very hard days before hand.
No one seems to be commenting on Rockys cuts and it's obvious that it's starting to annoy him.

5:47am It has been decided by Big Biffa and The Police that for today at least the team will have some kind of escort as they go about their work. They are under instruction to stay back so that they public watching are unaware of this happening.

6:20am So far it's been a quiet day, the presence of the Police is clearly having some effect. The team have been able to go about their work and show off some of their skills without being bothered by anyone. Let alone anyone who wants to hurt one of them.

6:39am With Big Biffa having had such a bad press over the last couple of weeks the Big Biffa officials have decided to try and win the public round a bit.
The team have been asked to wear special T-Shirts that support the Binmen's Union. There has been talk of a strike.
Rocky has managed to make a bit of a problem by ripping off the arms in order to show off his cuts.

7:23am So far so good for the team. But it's clear that the day is starting to bore a few of the crew. Used to having to face some sort of excitement during the day, they are beginning to tire of simply emptying bins with no aggro.

7:45am Rocky is the first to let the boredom really get to him. Also clearly fed up that no one is even asking him how he is after being attacked the day before.
Having had more than enough for the day, Rocky jumps into the Cab and tells Jurgen that they are going to swap places for the rest of the day.
Jurgen clearly not happy with this idea at all refuses.

7:50am The whole team are now involved. Rocky is still adamant that he is going to do the rest of the driving for the day. Arnold, the Team Leader this week, tries to talk to the two of them.
Jurgen treatens to walk out if Rocky takes over the driving, moaning that this sort of thing would never happen in Germany.
Frank informs Rocky that he would be breaking Union rules if he was to take over the driving in a case other than Jurgen being injured and unable to drive.

7:55am The Police are called over to help the team assist Jurgen. Rocky deciding that Jurgen being injured was a good idea, has knocked him out in order to try and win the chance to drive the Cart for the rest of the day.
The Police arrive over and assess Jurgen to make sure he is ok.

8:00am Jurgen finally comes back round. Clearly not really aware as to what has gone on. After a few minutes Jurgen is back on his feet, the police are unsure as to whether he is fit to carry on driving for the rest of the morning.
Jurgen tells everyone he is feeling fine anc can carry on.
The Police tell Rocky to watch it and carry on with his work or the next time he will be arrested.

8:20am The team are back to work, Rocky is looking more than a bit pissed off. The Police have been asked to keep an eye on him for the rest of the day. Jurgen seems to be ok.

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