Day Twelve
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Day Eleven: Highlights

5:20am The team have all arrived. But before they can set off, Archie calls Rocky into his office. Since the start of Big Biffa, Rocky seems to have been involved in more than a few fights. It has got the the stage where Big Biffa are unsure if they are able to defend him and keep the Police off his back anymore.
Archie informs Rocky that he must stop getting into fights or Big Biffa will have no other choice but to kick him off the show. Archie tells Rocky that he knows not all of the fights have been his fault, but his hands are now tied.

5:45am The crew are now called together by Archie before they set off to start the days work. He has news of Arnold, who has yet to report in for the day. Arnold's lip has all but been ripped off and he will need surgery. But he has decided that he will carry on in Big Biffa and have the treatment done at the end. Seeing this as a real chance of Fame, Arnold has stressed that he doesn't want to drop out. He will have to be bandaged up a bit and this could effect his speech.
Arnold is due to meet up with the team later this morning after having his lip treated this morning.

5:56am The team start their work in fairly good moods. No one is saying much but no one seems to be in a bad mood.

6:23am The morning seems to be passing without incident. Something Big Biffa is quite pleased about. The press have been having a real go at the show, and officials feel that today just needs to pass without much happening just to calm the ship.

6:45am The "too good to be true" mood for the team could be under threat.
A man appears from a front garden and is soon to single out Derek. The crew are thrown by what is going on. The man seems to be having a real go at Derek but it's clear Derek doesn't know who the man is.

6:48am It has become very clear that the man who has Derek pinned to the Dustcart is in fact the Husband of the woman Derek had been shagged while out on yesterday route. Derek had forgotten that every move the team makes is filmed. The man had seen everything while on shift work and was now looking to even the score.
Derek is calling for Rocky to jump in and help out, but Rocky on a warning decides not to get involved.

6:55am The Police finally arrive on the scene.
Derek is found stood over the angry man. The man has started on Derek and unknown to anyone Derek used to be a Boxer and had the man floored in seconds. Bouncing above his challanger, Derek is ready to go again, but the police pull him away. The man is taken to one side, nothing seems broken but he is clearly more than angry now.
The Police lead him away and tell him to stay well away or face being arrested.

7:31am The team are feeling a bit more upbeat now. After Derek's performance they team are feeling like something is going their way for a change. All the talk is of Derek and his secret skills as a Boxer.
Rocky decides to take a back seat to it all. Clearly unimpressed by what has happened.

7:45am Arnold finally gets dropped off by a Big Biffa Official and is ready to join the team for the rest of the days work. His lip is covered up and he can hardly speak. The team welcome him back and bring him up to date with what has gone on so far that day.  

8:02am Just when it looked like the day was starting to go smoothly again, Dereks angry man appears again. Clearly more than a bit upset with Derek now, he is looking for a rematch. This time he has a metal bar with him.
Derek, not really wanting to get involved as the man is tooled up, tries to reason with him.
The man is having none of it and just wants to get down to some fighting.

8:12am The Police finally arrive on the scene.
This time they are confronted with Frank standing over the man, who is clearly in some pain this time. The Police find out what has happened and find out that the man had again gone for Derek. With Derek not fancying his chances against the man and a metal bar backed off. Frank jumped in and floored the man in one go.
What the crew had not known is while in Prison, Frank had leant the art of Aikido.

8:24am The man is again lead away and the team again congratulate themselves. Usually by now they would be a man down for some reason or another, but so far today they have managed to deal with two tricky situations.
The team surround Frank wanting to hear how he learnt Aikido. Rocky again clearly starting to looked pissed off, doesn't join in the conversations. Thinking he is a Boxer and having to hold back, it is clear Rocky is feeling a bit upstaged.

9:00am The team have managed to get through a lot of work and seem to be getting near the end of their route quicker than normal. The mood is well up and everyone is really throwing themselves into their work.

10:10am They are almost done for the day and the talk is of what a good day it has been. The past ten days have been hard for the team, but today they feel they have turned a corner. The Big Biffa team are also pleased with the way the day has gone. The two incidents with the angry bloke have pased without anyone from Big Biffa really doing anything other than defend themselves.

10:25am The team finally finish for the day, they are just about to all jump into the Cab when Derek's biggest fan appears yet again. This time he has a very mad look in his eyes and he is threatening to take them all on. He is now armed with two very large knifes. The group really don't want anything to do with this one. Frank doesn't want to risk anything with this madman bearing two knifes. The man starts to make his advances to the group.
Rocky unable to hold bak anymore jumps in. Seeing this as self defence and not really seeing how he could possibly get into trouble this time confronts the man. Rocky clearly itching to get in on the action after having to watch two times, looks more than up for it. The rest of the crew start to look away now more than a bit familiar to the carnage Rocky leaves behind.

10:30am The Police and Ambulance crews finally arrive on the scene. Not sure what they will be faced with this time, they find the man stood over Rocky. The police quickly grab the man and lead him away to the police car. Rocky has been hurt but is more worried about having been seen easily beaten by the man after Frank and Derek had sorted him out.
Rocky has a few cuts and is lead to the Ambulance.
The rest of the crew make thier way back to the Depot to finish for the day.
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