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Day Ten: Highlights

5:25am After yesterday's episode, the crew are glad to get back to normal. The usual Big Biffa rules are that if any part of a route has been missed the crew will have to go back the day after and collect what was missed. But due to the protest, Big Biffa have decided not to ask the crew to go back and take on yesterdays route as well.

5:35am The team head out, all seem happy to get back out on the road after being stuck in the Depot all yesterday.
In an attempt to keep viewer yesterday, the crew were asked to talk about themselves for ten minutes or more if they wanted to, and some of the stories have hit the papers in a big way. None more so than Arnold and his love for S&M.
Two people have come forward in the mornings papers claiming that Arnold is in fact a fraud. They claim that he went to one S&M club and bottled it. In defiance Arnold wishes to do the whole days work in one of his gimp masks to prove a point.
As he is Team Leader for the week, there isn't much anyone can do about it.

5:50am So far the day has been quiet and the team have managed to get on with their work without much fuss. After Rocky injured at least 50 protesters the previous day, it is believed that people will keep away today.

6:23am The sight of Arnold working away in his Gimp mask is causing the rest of the crew to talk about him behind his back. The jokes are definatly on him, but Arnold is having trouble hearing them with the mask on.

6:41am The crew enter thier next street, and has been usual practise, two of the lads will race ahead to make sure all the bins are out by the side of the road for the other two to empty into the back of the Cart. Entering this street, Derek informs Frank that he will go to the end of the road and start there and meet him in the middle. Although this wasn't usual practise, Frank agress and lets him get on with it.

6:53am The crew have got to the end of the street and there is no sign of Derek, and there is no sign of any work having been done byhim. Frank has ended up moving all the bins himself and isn't best happy.

7:00am The crew are stood around waiting to see if Derek will reappear. Giving it 5 more minutes they wait.

7:04am The crew are about to leave and report Derek missing when a front door at the end of the street opens. Derek comes walking out. He is followed by a woman who looks like a real old hag. Derek kisses her goodbye and starts to walk away while doing his trousers up.
The team are speachless and after seeing the state of the woman feeling a bit sick.

7:10am Derek clearly feeling rather happy is working away whistling to himself. The attention seems to have gone away from Arnold as the group are now asking how the hell he could have shagged the dodgy looking bird.
Derek just turns to his team mates every now and then and gives them a cheeky wink.

7:30am The team come to the part of the route that takes them into one of the high streets.
Much to their surprise they are given cheers of encouragement as they go about their work.

7:45am The team are going about their work feeling quite good about the support they seem to be getting from the public. After the events of the day before they believed that the nation could be turning against them after a few hiccups the week before.

7:56am The team are collecting rubbish from a grocers. Suddenly the alarm from the bulding next door goes off and three masked men race past them. It becomes clear that the shop next door is a bank. It seems that the men have attempted to do the place over just before it opened to the public. In the shock of everything four men come running out of the bank trying to catch the three men.

8:00am Total chaos has kicked off after one of the bank men has tackled Arnold to the floor. He has him in a grip and is threatening to break his arm if he tries to get away.
A group of people have now assembled round the bank man and Arnold.

8:02am The rest of the crew just as puzzled as everyone else as to what is going on. Rocky see's that some bloke has Arnold held to the floor and decides to pile in and help Arnold out. With a bit of a crowd in the way, Rocky manages to take a few of them out at the same time.

8:25am The Police finally arrive on the scene.
The are faced with Rocky holding the bank man to the floor and three others injured on the floor next to them.
The bank man tries to explain that he thought Arnold was one of the blokes who tried to do the Bank over. All he had seen was someone in a mask and he wrestled him to the ground.
The police ask Rocky to let the man go.
They also call for an Ambulance for the injured three.

8:40am The Ambulance crew finally arrive. They tend to the three people Rocky has pole axed while trying to get to Arnold. But they find they have an extra patient. As the man from the Bank has wrestled Arnold to the floor it seems that the zip on his mask that cam be open or shut where the mouth is has been caught up on his bottom lip.
They tell him that there isn't much they can do other than try and full the lip free.

8:45am The Ambulance crew start to make their way to the hospital with the injured three, plus Arnold who's lip has been all but ripped off while trying to have it freed from the zip on his Gimp mask by one of the Medics.
The crew will again have to finish their route a man down.    
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