The Crew
The Guv
Archie Simms
Big Biffa 2003 has started.

This morning at 5:30am, the crew met for the first time. Spirits were high as Archie opened Big Biffa and went over the crew's routes and duties for the coming weeks. The rules were explained to them and what will be expected of them as a Crew.

This was the first time any of them had met each other and their first task that needed to be sorted was who was going to take which roll for the first week.

The crew were then sent out onto the streets for what promises to be a very close contest.
Day One: Highlights

5:30am After 4 long weeks of waiting to meet their co-workers, the doors are finally open to the custom built Depot for Big Biffa.
The 6 binmen are greeted by Archie Simms who will be their Guv'nor for the 4 weeks. Everyone is smiles and looking forward to the task ahead.

5:45am Archie hands the nre crew their first task of sorting out who will be taking which roll within the team for the first week. The Crew must pick a driver and a leader as well as a Union rep.

6:00am The Crew are reminded that they are due out on the streets by 6:30 to start their first day on the Bins. No decisions have been made yet as to who will fill each roll. Rocky and Frank seem to be the ones who are showing most interest in being the driver. Arnold seems to have been lumbered with the Union Reps job.

6:25am It is finally decided that Derek will be this weeks driver after Frank and Rocky couldn't sort out who would drive the van. The two are called into Archie's office and are given the first talking to of Big Biffa. Both are reminded that team work will feature in the next 4 weeks. Frank is picked as team leader for the week due to his experience on the Bins.

6:30am The team are finally given their route for the day and are taken to their new Big Biffa Dustcart. Derek is given the keys and the team are finally ready to go. Just on time.

6:45am The crew are a man down with no one knowing where Jurgen is. He eventually re-appears having been in the toilet for 15 minutes. Over nervous about the whole event, Jurgen has worked himself up into a stressed state constantly telling the crew he is scared of letting his fans in Germany down.

7:15am It has been 45 minutes since the team left the depot and there is no sign of them on their official route. 

7:30am An hour has passed since the team left the depot and they are yet to show up on the camera's set up on their route for the day. Big Biffa Officials decide that a search party will have to be sent out to try and find them. Early gossip is that this could be the result of a plan by ITV for stop people watching Big Biffa instead of "I'm a Celebrity.....get me out of here" live on ITV2.

7:45am ITV release an official statement saying they are nothing to do with the missing Binmen. But they would like to point out that their show "I'm a Celebrity..." is still going out live on ITV2 without any problems, although reports that Danniella Westbrook's nose has fallen off are ill founded.

8:30am The Big Biffa office gets a call saying that the missing Binmen have been found on a street 5 miles away fro their official route. Police have been said to be on the scene attending an incident.

8:45am Our camera crew finally catch up with the missing Binmen. Police are indeed on the site, Rocky is sat in the back of one of a Police Van handcuffed. Also on the street parked up is another Dustcart belonging to WasteCare.

9:15am Rocky is officially arrested and taken away by the police after it has been reveiled that the Big Biffa Crew had been driven by Derek into another companies round. The two crews came head to head half way round which was followed by an arguement. Rocky decided to resolve the argument by attempting to smash up the WasteCare Cart and two of it's crew. He was also seen urinating into the WasteCares flask.
The Police also say they are going to have to inpound the Big Biffa Cart until a full report of the incident has been made.
The crews first day is over and not one bin bag has been collected. The crew are taken back to the Depot by the Big Biffa staff.

9:30am The remaining crew are all taken into Archie's office and are asked to make official statements regarding what has happened. Big Biffa say that they are still undecided as to whether they will be bailing Rocky out and if he will be allowed to take part any further in Big Biffa.

10:00am It is decided that the crew can go home for the day. It seems Big Biffa 2003 is in danger of being finished before it has even started. Archie and the Big Biffa bosses call a meeting to decide what action should be taken next.
WasteCare announce that they intend to press as many charges as possible and want Big Biffa stopped.
Day Two