Welcome to my front room. My name is Mike, Mike the Manc to my mates down the social club. Here in my home town of Brighton I am well known for my life long passion of Manchester United. There aint nothing I don't know about the club, well apart from how to get to Old Trafford. I started to support the mighty reds back in 1994. I had not really been into football before then, but football seemed to be the new fashion so I went for it. Before then I had only really known about Liverpool back in the 80's, and dispite having all their tops and video's I was never really a fan. Anyway they stopped winning so where was the fun in that?
I don't get to go to the games, er you know how it is. But I do put the hours here at home. Watching all I can on TV, and from here I have turned into one hell of an expert. As a result of this I have been asked to keep a kind of diary for TheGinge.Com. I think it must be to help out all you saddo's who go to the games.
Below you will find all you need to keep you up to date with everything that goes on in the game of football and my tips on how you can see everything without ever leaving your armchair. After all you don't get to see instant replays at the games do you, so what is all the fuss about going to the games?
Up The Red Devils.
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