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Another top night all in the name of England. Hopefully Sven will sort out his mistakes by the next game.
The Champions League is next on the calendar for me and continuing the march to Glasgow with Fergie's army.

Until next week......

Mike the Manc.

Got a call from Dirty Bob at 1:30pm, "Where are you Mike, we are all already 4 pints to the good, get your arse down here now".
I have told Bob not to call me at work a million times but he is a bit of a character and things like that don't bother him. My boss on the other hand thinks it's very un-professional to try and serve burgers while on the phone. "Sorry love I thought you said a Big Mac".
Anyway England games mean half day for me, and today was no different.
Before getting down to our local The Hampton it was a quick rush back to the flat to get changed into my new England top. Beckham on the back of course.
The Armchair Supporter
Also a chance to have a quick look at Sky Sports News to see if the starting line up had been announced. Can you imagine my shock when I find some bloke called Bridge was going to be playing at left back. Who the hell is Bridge? Never heard of him, and what the hell is Sven playing at. What is wrong with Phil Neville? Phil has never put a foot wrong in an England shirt. Does my head in that Ashley Cole some how get's in ahead of him. Anyway how long has Michael Bridges played left back? Talk about playing players out of position. But looking through the starting line up I had to say that it was a joke selection, Nicky Butt was not starting, Wes Brown was yet again missing. Doesn't Sven get that these players are the best we have in England?
Once showered and changed it was off down to The Hampton where we go to watch every England match, in fact I usually take in a few Premiership games here as well. I find the locals really friendly, the blokes are less aggressive and they are always good for a laugh, throwing their arms round you and pretending to kiss you when a goal goes in. Some of them have funny dress sense and a few are bikers I think going by their caps but they are great lads.
Finally got down The Hampton at 2:30pm and get greeted by 4 blokes cheering me in. Dirty Bob, who was my best man when I was supposed to get married. (Long story, but basically my bride to be ran off with one of the choir boys instead of saying "I do", bitch), Brummie Paul, Psycho George (called psycho because he looks like Norman Bates, it sure aint because he is a headcase or anything) and Shaun who we don't really like but he always seems to be where ever we go, in fact none of us ever remember inviting him when we go out. Shaun is one of these blokes who thinks it's important to go and watch your team play, and to show your support. "Shaun I buy the fucking tops, doesn't that show my support?". Bless him he follows Brighton anyway, so he don't know much about the game.
With still two hours before kick off the beers are flowing. The pub starts to fill up a bit, the bikers turn up and not for the first time there is no sign of their bikes outside. Still they are in the gear so they must be somewhere.
By 7:00pm the lads are well largered up and raring to go, Sky Sports is on the big screen and the line ups are confirmed. Whilst at the bar getting them in I over heard two blokes talking about the front three that are to play, Heskey, Ricketts and Vassell. They are waffling on about how it's good that Ricketts and Vassell are getting their chance and with Owen & Fowler not in the squad this was their chance. Well I just had to jump in. Usually I keep my thoughts to myself but this
time I had to speak up. Maybe it was the beer but these two had to be put in their places. So I jumped in and asked them if they really thought that Ricketts and Vassell were the best back up we had. They gave it some of this "at the moment they are the in form players" rubbish. They then asked me to name who I thought should be given a chance. So I did. "Dwight Yorke has never been given a chance". Clearly stunned that they had not caught me out, they just stood their in silence before turning their backs on me. Idiots.
Then 10 mins before kick off, disaster struck. A group of about 15 blokes come hammering through the doors. Not only are these blokes on a pub crawl but they are......Rugby players.
Well the game kicked off and England seem to be playing well. Somehow the fact that this is Gary Neville's 50th cap goes by without Sky doing any sort of 30 min profile on him. Do they not realise this is a great player hitting a milestone in his career? He has been such a brilliant servant to his country and nothing. Even Beckham only got mentioned about 10 times in the lead up. Sometimes I wonder if these people know anything about the game. As the game goes on it's clear to see that the centre of defence is a problem, with no leader at the back like Wes Brown, the partnership of Campbell and Rio just isn't working. That Bridge bloke looks so out of his depth it's madness, bet Sven wishes he had gone with Phil Neville now. And then just to prove my point Campbell scores an own goal. Somehow the goal get's given to Klivert. Fucking typical just cause it's an Arsenal player Sky make out that there was nothing Campbell could do about it.
So at half time and the score being 1-0 to Holland after Beckham had run the show, it's time to refill the pint glasses. By now the Rugby idiots are making so much noise that we can't hear our own songs about Keegan's mother being a Whore. After about four attempts of that song enough is enough and we send Shaun over to tell them to keep it down. He takes a bit of persuading but in the end he goes over to them. He starts to talk to them and there is silence from their corner, surly Shaun hasn't managed it? Then the quiet is broken by a huge cry of "wedgey". 30 seconds later Shaun returns with tears in his eyes and a funny walk. "What did you expect Shaun they are twice the size of you, you always have to poke fucking  your nose in don't ya".
The second half is much like the first, the same old players running the show, Beckham, Scholes and Butt when he comes on. Vassell is handed a goal on a silver platter by Beckham. But I wonder who will get all the headlines. Drives me mad how anti-Man Utd the Press can be. By now we were all well tanked up. Bob was up for finishing with a night round the town followed by a trip to the Sauna Place. Shaun just wanted to get home and find his pants from up his arse. While me and Psycho were happy where we were. Bob and Shaun left us to it. So Psycho and me sat down to chat about the England game. This was proberly not a good idea as Psycho has funny idea's about God's Game, add to that the fact that I had, had more than a skinful and we were in trouble. Psycho seemed to have been more than happy with Vassell's performance going on to say how he could end up being
the suprise player for us. After I had begged to differ telling him that Vassell was a Villa player therfore had no right to go to the World Cup, Psycho asked who I thought should have played. Dwight Yorke I answered, I had no idea what was so funny, Psycho can't hold his drink at all so I put it down to that. "but he plays for Trinidad" was all he could reply with. Like I say he has funny idea's about this great game of our. I went on to inform him that he couldn't do cause he spoke perfect english and was shagging that bird with the big tits. But our arguement was broken up by our biker mates. Psycho made his excuses and left soon after, but with a good 20 mins of drinking time left I stayed. One of the bikers treated me to one of these odd cocktails, had a shit load of vodka and rum in it I think, like I say these blokes are tops, where else would you get that. Trouble is I don't remember much after that. I think I must have passed out, cause I woke up in one of the beds of these biker's. We must have gone on to get a curry or something cause I had really bad ring sting the next day. Bloody good of them to put me up for the night though, if I was really that wreaked they could have just put me in a taxi or something and left me to it. Top blokes.
Mike The Manc
The Armchair Supporter
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