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What a week to start my diary for I have hardly had time to leave my armchair. And of course the highlight was the mighty reds giving Sunderland a good hammering. Did you see that opening goal by Neville. How under rated is he. Should start every game for England. He made one mistake for England back in 2000 and everyone hates him. Let's face it that exit from the Euro's was more down to the other players than Neville. Shearer and Owen never got the goals we needed yet poor old Phil gets the stick. Still he got the last laugh on saturday. They were creaming over it on Soccer Saturday on Sky but had to wait until The Premiership on ITV until I got to see what all the fuss was about. Worth the wait. God Beckham back to his best. And of course it was not only a good result for Man Utd fans accross the country all sat in their armchairs, but a good result for English football. After a week of headlines about players throwing coins and red cards all over the place it was good to see that the countries favourite club put a smile back on all our faces. It's always down to us isn't it.
I also think that our 4-1 win will signal the end of the road for Peter Reid. It was only a matter of time before everyone saw him for the manager he really is. I can't see what everyone see's in him. Ok so he got the team back into the Premiership with a low budget and has kept them there, helped them get their new stadium, made them a team that challanged for European places last season, brought in some good players, but is that enough over 5 years? I don't think so. He's not in the same league as Fergie is he. Anyway he is an ex Man City player and manager so I would not truth him running my club. Add a scouse accent and well you have all the makings of a dire manager. And to think people were mentioning him for the England managers job. Can you imagine that, and ex Man City manager in charge of England. Not enough Man Utd players are in the team as it is, imagine how many would be left out if he was in charge, makes me shudder just thinking about it.
Like I said earlier Man Utd's result brought back the smile to English football, and I feel I have to say something about the Carragher incident at the Also-Rans ground the other week. I am not so much bothered about the coin throwing incident, dispite the fact that it's rare to see a Scouser with a pound coin in his hand let alone throwing one, but more the comparison between that and the famous Kung Foo kick of King Eric. Now ok it aint nice to have a coin thrown at you but to compare it to what Eric had to go through is out of order. The coin did not even hit Carragher. Suprising in fact that he did not pocket it. What you all forget is that Eric had to put up with someone shouting at him, and as far as I am concerned verbal abuse is more damaging to a player than getting hit by missles thrown from the crowd. Now while I am not defending what King Eric did, I am just saying that he was well within his rights to lunge into the crowd and kick the shit out of that Palace twat. And did you see the look on that really scared woman's face who was stood behind the idiot in the crowd, how funny. She shit herself big time. Nice on Eric.
I'd like to give a mention to Newcastle and their manager Bobby Robson. It's always nice to see the smaller clubs doing well. They won't last the pace and I don't see them as a threat at all, but it's good for them to taste what it's like up here at the top. I suppose being a Manc fan you tend to forget that not every club knows what it's like at the top. Bobby has done a good job at Newcastle and they seem to be enjoying it. I read somewhere that they try and base their style of play on us. Well that is nice of them but I suggest that they just concentrate on their route one football before they try the difficult stuff. Bobby should know better than that really. It's comments like that, that give the public a false impression of the game, like calling them title challangers. What do they mean by that? Only Man Utd are going to win the title so what do they mean by challangers?
So the Man Utd of the south are going to ground share with QPR next season while they get Craven Cottage rebuilt. Fulham  crack me up, who do they think they are saying they are the Man Utd of the south. For a start their new ground is only going to hold 30,000, christ we have more season ticket holders than that. Add to that everyone else who goes and god knows how many of us sat here in our armchairs who follow them. I really don't think Fulham are anywhere near as big. They spend a bit of money and they think they are it. Like to see them buy the likes of Veron. Clubs like that really do my head in. They should just know their place.

How about the funniest thing this weekend being Leeds getting dicked 4-0. Must be really embarrasing loosing at home to Liverpool like that. I know we lost to them earlier last month but that was different. We were the better side and we deserved to win it. Liverpool give it all this rubbish about them having more shots on goal and creating more chances but we were the better side and sometimes you get results like that. But Leeds well brilliant. I really hate Leeds. They really think they are it, the reception they gave Eric everytime he went back there was well out of order. I watched it all on TV. They just couldn't handle that he had gone to a better club. So I was well chuffed they got hammered. There are other reasons us Manc's hate Leeds but I can't remember them at the moment.
On a final note, I'd like to say farwell to Andy Cole who has gone to Blackburn now. Never nice to see a player leave your club, but I have to say seeing him in the last fe games for Blackburn, it looks like Fergie got it spot on. How many chances does that man need these days. Saw him the other day against Millwall in the cup and he needed about 6 chances before he scored. Have to say I never saw that drop in form coming. He was never like that at Man Utd. It has always been a mystery to me as to why he never played more for England, but I tell you what if he carries on like this he will never get the chance now he is at a smaller club. Shame.
Well time to go, I shall be back next week to give you all the once over from my Armchair, and remember you get more of the game from here that at the grounds.

Until next week......

Mike the Manc.
The Armchair Supporter
Mike The Manc
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