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  Age:  35

  Occupation:  Business Woman


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 "I'm here to show just how far women have come in the world of business" opens Terri. "The  tide is turning and finally women are getting recognised as individuals and equals to men and I  am the proof of that, I have my own sucessful business and I was shortlisted for business  person of the year last year". So how does Terri manage to fit in such a successful business  career? "I don't understand, fit it into what?, my business is my life" a confused Terri responds.  Well fit it into doing all the household chores, the washing, cooking and cleaning as well as  making sure the tea is on the table for when her husband comes home from his real job. "Well  I'm not married for a start" confessed lesbian Terri. "Err, I'm not gay either, this is exactly the  kind of thing women are up against, look, I'm just a business woman who lives for her career,  works very hard, has her own sucessful business and loves what she does". Natural born lier  Terri, also claims to have represented England in the Olympics as part of the womans hockey  team in 1992. "I was lucky enough to be on the squad but I never made an appearance, it was  a great experience though". So you were good enough to be in the England team were you?  "Yes I was, but we didn't have a professional game over here back then so in the end I had to  give it up and find another way of earning a living, I still play for fun now and then". Thought  you were busy all the time with your business. "I am but now and then I get a day off". So  sucessful hockey career and sucessful business career. yeah we believe you luv, now how  about making everyone a cup of tea.