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   Task Two

 Task two tests the musical intellect of the remaining nine candidates. Anyone expecting to  work closely with The Ginge and Furterz must show complete musical knowledge. Known as  musical guru's, The Ginge and Furterz are ALWAYS right when it comes to music. Any leaning  towards the wrong artists/bands and it could see someone leaving only two weeks into this job  interview. The teams have three hours to write reviews for the three albums they have been  given.

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   Task One

 The Candidates first task is to come up with a brand new catchphrase or tag line that can be  used by both The Ginge and Furterz. Well known for their introduction of unique sayings, it is  important that the candidates are able to bring their own into the job. The catchphrase must  be good enough to be spread the country over by word of mouth. The Ginge and Furterz are  already responsible for classics such as "Fill your boots", "SWAAAAAAAAAAAAAA", "Not the man  Daddy" and "Jubbers". It is only with sayings as good as these that the candidates will survive.
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