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   Age:  40

   Occupation: Single Mum of Nine


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 "They can look after themselves, I've left them enough chips and crisps to last them a month  easy, after that they will just have to fend for themselves, it's about time they learnt what it's  like in the real fucking world" Sharon answers us when questioned what she'll do with her kids  during her time on The Apprentice's Apprentice. "They should be used to it anyway, most nights  I am out down my local The Scab and Blister hoping to find Mr Right, it's good for them, if they  can cope with looking after themselves now, it will make them better adults". Unlucky in love  Sharon still hasn't given up all hope in finding her Mr Right despite a sting of failed relationships,  "Sure I have possibly done more research than most women and although I still haven't found  my perfect man, I have come away from it all so far with nine lovely children". When asked if  Sharon ever finds the subject of who the kids fathers are a tricky one, she's quick to confess  "No it's never a problem, I don't know who any of their fathers are anyway, so I'm not holding  anything back from them am I". So does Sharon see this chance to become The Apprentice's  Apprentice as a chance to better herself? "Not really, it's just to get me out the fucking house  away from those fucking screaming kids, they do my head in so much, they have no idea what's  it like trying to support them. They seem to think that the £800 a week from the social just  appears from nowhere. Little shits, if I knew who the fathers were, at least I'd be able to palm  them off at weekends" sighs Sharon.