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  Age:  14

  Occupation:  Child Prodigy


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 "I've just finished my research on Electromagnetic Radiation, so to be honest I have a few  weeks to kill before I begin my study into the intensity of a radiation emitted during radioactive  decay, or Intensity Branching to me and you" confessed Rupert as to why he had decided to  take part in The Apprentice's Apprentice. "People are always saying I am too intense and should  let my hair down, so I thought why not, a chance to show my whacky side. I've even brought a  pair of Hi Tec Silver Shadow to show I am getting into the mood of things". Rupert, however is  worried that the other contestants might find his presence a little intimidating, "Well it's a test  of character for them isn't it. I don't want the others to feel stupid around me, we are all in this  together, I know I am a genius and clearly I am going to walk this but deep down I am no  different to them, having said that there are limits, I don't suffer fools gladly and I would at  least expect people to know the formula behind Alpha Decay otherwise I can't see me getting  on with any of them". The annoying little nerdy fuckwit did continue to go on but by now we  weren't listening.