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  Age:  34

  Occupation: Property Developer


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 "I'm a natural born winner and I'll bloody well win this" claims Paul. So close to winning the rip  off version of this competition, Paul is determined to make his name here, "I bloody well should  have won that last one, of all the candidates I was the best and I think they all knew that  even from the start". Despite being convinced he should be now working for Sir Alan, he is not  to proud to learn from his mistakes, "No, I'm not so far up myself that I can't see I should have  done a few things differently, ok, maybe I always had far too much gel in my hair and maybe I  called on God to be my witness a few too many times, I'm not even religious for god sake.  Could I work for a woman, no way, could I work for Furterz, YES". Although Paul may come  across as bitter for not winning, he has nothing but respect for Tim who went on to win the  BBC version. "I am sure he will do very well, he worked with me for 11 weeks, he is bound to  have picked up some of my skills that should stand him in good stead for a great future".