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  Age:  58

  Occupation: Womens Rights                     Activist


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 "Yes I am one of those woman who burnt their bras back in the 60's" comments Morag. "I was  young and just followed the crowd really, I didn't know what I was doing to be honest, and in  hindsight maybe I should have taken my bra off first". But Morag took her experiences from the  60's to lead her into a life of promoting womens rights, "Us women are about a lot more than  just cooking and cleaning you know, there's ironing and getting a man's tea on the table for  when he comes home from work too". Morag hasn't just sat around the house all these years  carrying out her female tasks while her far superior bread winning husband has been out at  work, "I was also one of the Greenham Common women back in the 80's and I totally hold firm  that if it wasn't for us women sat outside those gates singing songs about Pixies, the cold war  would never have ended". Morag also doesn't believe in women shaving any natural hair from  their bodies either, "We are free spirits, anyway I have far too much to do round the house to  worry about shaving my minge".