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  Age:  18

  Occupation: Out of work chav


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 "I've got fuck all else to do", says Kev. "Plus me Mum's be going on at me to get off my arse  and do something. I'm sick of her belly aching to be honest, so I thought if I do this she might  shut up, plus she threatened to cut off my fag money too if I didn't do something soon". But  Kev is worried about people thinking he might forget his roots if he goes on to wins. "I am  proud of what I am and no big high powered job is going to change that. "I'm not a chav, that  pisses me off, what is a chav anyway, people just don't understand us so they have to give us  a label, so what if I wear burberry stuff, walk around town drinking cheap larger while trying to  get off with girls in kappa shell suits and sometimes wake up in my own piss, don't mean  nothing. So, I wanna drive a Lada car, what you gonna do about it? Fuck you all, so what if I  aint got all me teeth no more, there's no law saying I have to wash you know, ah bollocks to  this I'm off down the estate"