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  Age:  23

  Occupation: Trainee secretary


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 "I'll do anything to win" confesses Julie. "And I mean anything, Furterz won't know what's hit  him". Although Julie would also like to stress that she isn't some slapper who's willing to just  offer her body to just anyone. "God no, I usually charge at least £150". But doesn't she think  this is a little unfair? "No not at all, £150 is very competitive". No we meant her tactics "Oh  sorry, no I don't think my tactics are unfair at all. If you've got it use it". So has this mind set  ever got her anywhere in the past? "Certainly has, the amount of bus fares I have avoided  paying simply by noshing off the driver is crazy, although the rest of the passengers do tend to  get a bit annoyed as it holds up the journey, thankfully I am very good at it and it doesn't take  long". Err right, but has it ever got Julie anywhere in her career? "You bet it has, only the other  year I managed to turn around a very demanding job interview for a position in McDonalds  washing lettuce by performing a lap dance, up until then I could feel my dream job slipping  away from me". So we can expect more of the same from Julie in her quest to win The  Apprentice's Apprentice then? "You sure can, it's not about being able to do the job, it's about  how good you are at sharpening the bosses pencil". Is that how she got to become a Trainee  Secretary? "No my boss uses pens".