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 "This isn't going to be easy" says Ginge. "In 2001 I was handed Furterz, I was asked to train  him up and teach him all I knew, quite why they were shocked when I turned this young, quiet,  well spoken lad into a carborn copy of myself I will never know. Let's face it, I had done it to  the 15 apprentice's they had given me before him. But when I was handed Furterz I was  handed my heir and I taught Furtez far more than I taught the others". So does this search  mean that Furterz is about to take over the Ginge Empire? "Not yet, I'm far from retiring, but  Furterz is now ready to train up his own apprentice". So just when will Furterz take over?  "When he dyes his hair ginger of course, but he won't do it. I can't see what the big deal is, so  you get a few choice comments thrown your way, the odd nasty name, a few chips thrown at  you on a friday night, the shit kicked out of you as you walk down the street, the police saying  you were asking for it walking round with hair like that when you report the attacks, what's the  big problem?".

 With The Ginge seeing world domination becoming closer and closer everyday, what is he  looking for from the new apprentice? "Gingerness or a total understanding of it at least, not  many have it, but you will find that those who do will disguise it, hide it away, pretend it's not  there, but it always comes out in the end. Usually on that fateful first night of passion, no one  wants to surprise their new lover with what looks like a rusty brillo pad especially when their  lover first ventures south. Having said that, anyone who's so shocked deserves all they get, if  it's ginger up here, it's ginger down there. Live with it". So the candidates are in for a tough  time then? "They won't know what has hit them, to understand The Ginge you have to be a  ginge and believe me there are going to be a few eyes opened during this I can tell you".