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  Age:  20

  Occupation: Accounts Manager


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 "I'm a Trekker not a Trekkie" Garry corrects us. "Of course there's a difference, we are not as  sad as those losers who are obessed with the original Star Trek series. We don't dress up like  our favourite characters and go to conventions for a start, ok, actually I do, but I don't see  how owning my own Star Trek outfit makes me as sad as the Trekkies. Who in their right mind  actually thinks that Captain Kerk is better than Captain Pichard or that bloke who used to be in  Quantum Leap". Asked if he had any other passions in life, Garry was quick to answer "Eating  and porn". At the same time? "If needs be, it depends if I am in a rush or not, you only need  one free hand to do each activity remember". Garry is expected to be bringing the most clothes  into the bedsit but makes no apologies for this "At the end of the day yeah sure I change my  clothes 3 or 4 times a day, but you have to be ready to adapt to whatever situation comes up,  that is where I am always going to be one step ahead of the competition. Be it business  meetings, nipping out to the local chinese or dodgy all male toga parties, if your not looking the  part, your not going to get the part and your not going to see me leaving this audition early".