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 "I've learnt from the best and with the word of The Ginge now becoming more and more  widespread, it's time for me to take on an apprentice of my own and teach him in the ways of  The Ginge" states Furterz. Since 2001 The Ginge has been teaching Furterz, training him up as  his heir so that one day The Ginge Empire and all his knowledge will be handed over into trusted  hands so that he too can continue the teachings of The Ginge. Furterz is of course the only  person who knows the true where abouts of the now infamous Ginge Legacy. But the time has  come for Furterz himself to have his own apprentice and so our search begins. "I have listened,  I have learnt, I have watched and I have all but become The Ginge, except for the hair, I'm not  doing that, I'll carry out pretty much everything else, actually that is a lie, I'm not doing that  whole walking home from town naked thing either, but I am not going ginger. Just so we have  that straight yeah, I'm not going to have ginger hair. Being The Ginge's Apprentice for so long I  have seen close up the abuse ginger people get, so fucked if I am going down that road. I don't  care what you pay me. Bollocks to it".

 So has The Ginge taught Furtez everything? "One thing Ginge taught me early on was never to  teach your apprentice everything, so no, there are still things I am yet to learn, but when the  time is right I know I shall be shown everything. So will Furterz be an easy person to impress?  "Quite the opposite, let me tell a few things I don't like, I don't like students, I don't like pikeys,  I don't like chavs, I don't like schmoozers, I don't like serafin and I don't like students". You said  students twice, "we fucking hate students". So the candidates are going to have their work cut  out for them then? "Listen the things I have to pass on can not be taken lightly or passed to  the wrong person, if this lot want to be The Apprentice's Apprentice, they are going to have to  show something a bit ginger, but that doesn't mean I'm willing to go ginger, got it".