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 Having lost last weeks task, Team One won The Album review task this week. The board did  however point out that Team One's reviews were only good enough thanks to Terri who had  clearly had the only sensible influence within the team. Team One were also lucky that Kev  from Team Two had nicked the CD's leaving Team Two unable to complete the task. This left  the team leader of Team Two for this week, Bill, to bring in the two candidates with him to the  boardroom. He chose Kev and Morag.

 The Board start by asking why he has chosen Morag and Kev to join him in the firing line. Bill  pointed out that he had no choice at all to bring Kev in as he had blatantly nicked the CD's  thus not allowing the team to complete the task. His reasons for bring Morag in to join them  was simply down to the fact that he now could no way risk getting rid of Julie, who had taken  his mind off the stresses of being a team leader late on in the task. He also felt that Garry  helped with moral by bringing his "most excellent Karaoke CD's". This left him with no choice but  to ask Morag in to the boardroom.

 The Board briefly questioned Morag as to what she thought she did wrong, but with no CD's to  work with she answered that she couldn't have done anything right let alone wrong.

 This left Kev to answer to the board. When asked why he nicked the CD's he was quick and to  the point in his answer, "I was going to sell them on for fags and to pay off me betting". He  was asked if he regretted his actions that could have left any of his team facing the sack, "why  should I give a fuck, I'm just here for me and me alone, all I want is to get this job so I can buy  a new sovereign ring"

 The board were left with no other opion but to fired the Scummy Chav and the last words Kev  heard before being asked to leave were "You're Fired". Actually the last words he heard were  "and empty your pockets you thieving chav wanker"