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 With the first task now complete, the board decided that Team One had lost. Team leader,  Terri, decided that Betty and Rupert would join her in the board room. The task was to come up  with a new catchphrase on a par with those infamous with TheGinge.Com. Team One's phrase  was "Unleash the Lesson". The Board were very unimpressed with both teams phrases but  deemed Team One's to be the worst. And so now one of the is going to get fired.

 First to defend their corner is Terri who claims it was impossible to complete the task at any  kind of level with Betty not having turned up at all and Rupert prefering to play around with  coloured balls claiming he had put together the DNA pattern of some made up animal.

 Betty would have been next to defend her corner but she hadn't turned up again

 Leaving Rupert to fight for his job.
 The board asked him why he didn't come up with one single catchphrase but Rupert just  spouted some crap about how all things were relevant and how him just being there was good  enough to ignite the spark of creativity worthy of his team winning the task. How he could not  be blamed if the team were not open minded enough to allow his natural genius to rub off on  them, feeling he brought more than most to the table just by being at the table.

 The board had heard enough by now and promtly fired Rupert.

 At this point Betty entered the boardroom asking if she had missed anything. Typical work shy  tax dodging student.