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   The Board

 The board consists of three memeber, The Ginge, Furterz and Frank. These are the three  people the candidates are going to have to impress if they are to become The Apprentice's  Apprentice. The Ginge is the head of the board, although the final decision will lay with Furterz.  As he is the one who will have to train and teach the new apprentice he has been given the  final say.

 Not a lot is known about the third member of the board, but Frank has been the unofficial third  memeber since it all began in 2001. Whenever an email address has been needed when signing  up to anything remotely dodgy on the internet, Frank's email address has been used. Frank has  been signed up to anything and everything, even when controversial entries have been left in  forums, Frank has taken the brunt of it. His only crime is having an email address that is (try it next time you need to leave an email address somewhere but don't want  to leave your own, Frank doesn't mind) that is all we know about him. We did email him once  asking if we could know more about him, but he never replied. But Frank is also The Rule Maker.  It has been discovered that Frank has overall control on everything. Everytime you utter that  well known saying "I don't make the rules", you now know who does. Frank Does.

 The Board will be watching the candidates every step of the way, taking everything into  account and of course will ultimately decide which one of candidates will end up becoming The  Apprentice's Apprentice.