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  Age:  56

  Occupation: Light Entertainer


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 "I know what your thinking and believe me I have heard it a million times" says Bill. "The amount  of times I have been walking down the street and people have come up to me for autographs  thinking I am actually him" chuckles Bill to himself. Although Bill didn't quite follow the star he  shares his looks with down the same high paid path to fame and fortune, he has carved out a  nice little career as a light entertainer, "It does me you know, I don't grumble, it keeps me in  ale at the end of the day, as long as I can go to the bar after a show and order a pint of real  english ale I'm happy, having said that most of the shit holes I perform in don't know what the  fuck real ale is". So why has Bill decided to take part in The Apprentice's Apprentice? "Oh I  don't know, it's a new challange at the end of the day, a chance to show I am more than just a  lookalike who spends his time in working men's clubs getting buggered in the toilets after big  Joe has had one too many". So what does Bill think his famous lookalike would think of him  taking part in this competition? "God knows, I'm sure Bill Cosby is far to busy to care".