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  Age:  19

  Occupation:  Student


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 "People have the wrong idea about students" starts Betty, a full time student studying history  in her final year. "Say the word student to someone and they automatically think your a lazy  good for nothing who stays in bed all day hung over from the night before. Maybe I'm not a  typical student, I don't even own a pair of cord trousers and I sure as hell know where the  soap is" continues Betty. So why has she decided to make a bid to become The Apprentice's  Apprentice? "Well mainly to show that students are not what you think, that we do offer  something to society, that we don't spend all our time in the student bar drinking cheap lager  until we are sick, that we do work hard, very hard, that we don't all try and buy ill fitting  second hand clothes or become goths pretending we are making a statement that you just  wouldn't understand. I want to do well at this and I want to win. Becoming The Apprentice's  Apprentice would be a massive step forward for me and students everywhere". Asked if she has  had to take time off from her studying to take part in this, Betty was quick to reply "Naa,  doesn't matter, I'm never at my lectures anyway, they won't notice if I am not around for a  couple more weeks. I doubt most of my teachers even know I am supposed to be there. Most  mornings I am so hungover I can't even recognise where the hell I am , let alone get to a boring  lecture. To be honest I can't wait for this final year to be over, then I can just get on with  getting behind the counter in Burger King so I can start paying off some of this grant I seemed  to have pissed up the wall".