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 The Apprentice's Apprentice, ten would be aspiring apprentice's to the word of The Ginge will  endure rigorous tasks and compete for a job working with The Ginge's Apprentice, Furterz, in  the longest and most exhilarating job interview ever.

 The Ginge and his trusted apprentice, Furterz, will set ten tasks, designed to test the  candidates to their very limits until only two remain in the final showdown to see who has earnt  the right to work under Furterz. At the end of the ten weeks, only one candidate will have the  right to call themselves The Apprentice's Apprentice.

 Thousands applied, but only ten have got this far, all bringing their own unique skills and  qualities. Throughout the ten weeks, the candidates will live together in a damp bedsit on the  outskirts of Basingstoke, each forced to dye their hair ginger to experience the abuse and  hatred held by society against ginger people. They can expect nothing but annamosity from the  general public and can expect to be called cruel vindictive names such as: "carrot top",  "duracell", "rusty", "beacon head" and "you fucking ginger tosser".

 Each week the candidates will be called into the board room where someone from that weeks  losing team will be shown the door. The tasks continue until the last man or woman standing  becomes The Apprentice's Apprentice.