It has been a very horrific and emotional week for the world, and only the heartless would have failed to have been effected by the scenes in America. The world has watched people's lives change forever. We have all seen evil on a scale no one thought could ever happen. And the world has felt it together. Of course what we are feeling is nothing compared to those involved and effected first hand, and we can only pray for them.
The British press have given us a full and exstensive coverage of these scenes. Ones which we all need to see to totally understand what has happened. The press have been supportive and rightly so. But unfortunatly this leaves the door open to the brain dead idiots in the Sports section of these papers.

This weekend was of course the first weekend of sport since the attack on America. A minutes silence was perfectly respected at all events. Games had been called off by UEFA during the week. But this weekend was back to normal, this of course included Premiership football. And there were some big games. Newcastle played hosts to Manchester Utd. Chelsea/Spurs & Fulham/Arsenal provided the London Derbies, and of course we had the famous Liverpool derby as well. Games that bring a lot of passion and pride with them. The fans love them. but as expected these games and others brought flashpoints with them and some red cards. Big deal you may say. And you would be right, so what, after all this is The Premiership where so far this season the refs have shown more cards than at Old Sid's 100th Birthday. So why am I bringing it up, after all this is nothing out of the norm.
Well those wonderful sports writers would have me believe otherwise.
The incidents came from the Newcastle game, Leeds game, Chelsea game & Leicester game. There were handbags at dawn, the odd late tackle and maybe a few cross words to the ref.
Yet from what I have been reading all weekend and today you would think that these players had commited some sort of crime. Headlines like "It was a day of respect....but no one told our brainless footballers", and   "Even on this day the players could not behave" WHAT? I'm sorry have I missed something? 
What has someone getting sent off got to do with the events of the past week? NOTHING. It seems that the papers think that because of the horrific events in the past 7 days, the players should not have gone in for a tackle over the weekend. That is total toilet. They are trying to make out that because these players played a game of football they did not show any respect for those people caught up in the hell in NYC. Do these sports reporters really have no brains? Ok maybe the games should have been called off. No one would have argued had that decision been made, but please lets remember that was a decision that was out of the players hands. So they were told to get on with it, and so they did. What were they supposed to do? Do these twats who write for these papers really think that news is going to get back to America that Roy Keane was sent off? Once the American's were told who he was, do you think they would think it was disrespectful? NO.

These players were told to get on with their jobs. Their jobs are to win football matches for their employers. They are also a source of entertainment for fans. So when these players were sent out onto the pitch it was business as usual. Now I would like to know, that if these players taking to the pitch and doing their job is disrespectful then what makes them different to the reporters reporting on the games? Both just doing their job right? But because it's football these players are branded as brainless. If this act of playing the game in the same way these players have always done, is so out of taste at the moment, why are there 16 page pull outs in each of these papers giving us all the stats, pictures, interviews and reports on all the weekends games?

But now let me draw my attentions to The Star's big Sports Writer. The Award winning Brain Woolnough or Wooly to his mates. His Monday round up predictably focused on the red cards and other incidents, and it was his page that gave us the "........players couldn't behave" headline. Wooly is at boiling point with the behaviour of some of the Premiership's top players. He is totally miffed as to why these players acted like they did on saturday of all days.
He writes..."To help a nation out of shock the games could have lifted us with marvellous matches, stunning entertainment and individual performances. It would not have wiped away the memory of what happened in New york on Tuesday, or indeed what comes next, but it would have helped.".
Hmmm how can I put this. SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU PRICK. What a complete idiot. How far up his own arse is he? These reporters are thick wankers at the best of times but this just beats the lot.
Ok Wooly so these games should have been a source of escapism for 90 mins, help us out of shock were they. And how would they do that? It would be to escape into that world of football that we use to forget our lives for 90 mins wouldn't it. There is no harm in that, everyone needs to turn their brain off now and then. And how do we escape into that world? We get passionate about a team don't we. Stop me if I am going to fast for you Wooly. So when we get passionate about our team we want them to win don't we. And when we want them to win and we put all our efforts into getting behind that team, we want the players to show that same passion don't we........penny dropped yet Wooly? Want me to draw you a picture?

Bell smack Wooly said the games should have given us entertainment. They did. No matter what the score was who got sent off etc etc, they supplied excatly what he called for. Just like every other game of the season. If these players had not shown the same passion and commitment as any other game then the fans would have been calling for them to be dropped. BECAUSE THAT IS THEIR JOB. THEY WERE TOLD TO DO IT, SO THEY DID IT. Just because Roy Keane and Alan Shearer lost their temper for all of 30 seconds does not make them brainless people. Surly reporters saying that shows the same level of disrespect as they are acusing these players of? Why was everyone else allowed to go back to work and perform to the same standard as their employer asked of them and footballers are not allowed to? No matter what is said about football, it's just someone's job.

While we have all been deeply effected by what has happened in our world over the past week, this does not give reporters that extra licence to start attacking players for no reason. Yes it's only a sport. Which is why telling the people who play it that they are heartless to the events in America just because they played it, is sick.
Brain "Wooly" Woolnough is the worst of the lot.

Brian Woolnough's paper, The Daily Star, chose this headline for the Newcastle United Verses Manchester United game that happened this weekend, that so outraged him, it read like this..........
"Greatest Game The Premiership Has Seen".

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