It's a story that just won't go away. And yes I am sorry but it is football again. Tried hard to find something else but this really is starting to get up my nose.

Australia play France on Nov 11th, Bringing us a new club V country arguement, but who is right?
On November 11th, Australia are due to play France in a friendly match. Not a world cup qualifier or cup match, just a meaningless friendly. So what? Well it has sparked a war of words between clubs and countries. The reason, well the european clubs who have players who will be called up are not best impressed that their players are going to whisked away for a nothing game on the other side of the world during the middle of the season...................

The fuss all started when Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger complained that he would be loosing 4 of his first team players. He was not happy that they would have to travel half the way round the world and back all for just one game right in the middle of the season. Wenger promptly called for the game to be called off, claiming it was a farce. Standing alone for the cause Wenger refused to back down and soon got the backing of his board. David Dein, Arsenal's vice chairman also came out to voice his concern. Both were slagged off and were told that they were arrogant and selfish. Both national sides telling them that they had no right to try and stop the game going ahead.
Wenger and Dein refused to back down, and did not let the issue die. Still they stood alone, until Weger wrote up a petition and sent it round europe. When it returned there were 11 clubs names on it, and big ones at that. All concerned about letting their players under take such a journey during an already packed season of games. But again it was Wenger who had to stand up and voice everyone's opinions. The rest to afraid to say a word. The petition was sent to FIFA is a final attempt to call the game off. FIFA's only reply was to suggest to the two teams that they only pick one player from each european club for their squads. Both countries have openly said that they will go against that and call up whoever they want. So where does that leave everyone?

Well for Wenger it has left him being snubbed by his own country, with them calling him a traitor, and having to take the brunt of all the abuse simply because he was the only person man enough to stand up and say what all the other managers were thinking.

So should the game go ahead?
No is the answer. It is a farce as far as I am concered. And no this is not a bias arguement because I am an Arsenal fan. And I shall tell you why.
Both teams have argued that his game is vital to the build up to next summers world cup. Ok well let's have a close look at that fact shall we. France are the best team in the world, they won the world cup and european championship back to back. And they want to play Australia as a vital build up game. WHY? No disrespect to Australia, but what sort of test are they going to give them? Not only that they only played them in the summer. Surly France could pick any Eurpoean team and get a better test. So how can they say that this game is vital to them?
And what about Australia, they are hardly a super force on the world stage so surly any team they play will be a good test for them, so why are they hell bent on picking France, there are loads of international teams who would give them a good hiding closer to home.
The three managers involved.
Farina, Wenger and Lemerre
But do clubs really have the right to moan about these games? After all it is not like Wenger and other managers did not know these players they were buying were internationals and would get called away during the season.
Well I think when the situation is as stupid as this one then yes they do. All you ever hear from FIFA about the Premiership is that we have to many games. At one stage they were even treatening to ban us from Europe unless we cut our games down. So why oh why are they letting this meaningless game go ahead. This is not about Wenger stopping his players play for their country, this is about comman sense. Can no one at all really see the stupidity of this game. It's not like this game is being played around the corner, it's the other side of the world. And with 90% of the players who will be taking part currently plying their trade in Europe, that makes this game a total farce. But unfortunatly both national managers are proving to be pig headed over all this. Both saying they will pick who they like. The players themselves are unable to comment. Even if they do think this game should not go ahead (as some of them do) what can they say. If they come out and say anything like, you know that will be their international careers over.

But some players have come out in favour of the game (mainly the Australians) saying that this game is important to them in the build up for their play off games. Their main arguement being that they have not had many games to gel as a team. Fine no problem, totally understand, so go play teams closer to home. There are loads.
Some people have said that this protest shows that the rich don't care about the smaller fish in this game. What shit. It's the same old arguement whenever something like this comes along. "oh it's all greed". Christ change the record.

Another arguement that has been put to the clubs is this. They now have squads big enough to field two teams, and go on about needing two different teams, one for the league and one for europe, so why not use them. Ok fine. But what about the fans? These same people who are telling the clubs to use other players are the same people who moan when clubs put out understrengthed teams for the Worthington Cup, and how it is also unfair on the fans when clubs do this. But these are idiots who just like to have a go at the big clubs just for the fun of it. Arsenal are away to Spurs the first Premiership game after this stupid friendly match. Now as a fan I would not want to go to that game only to find that Henry, Vieira, Pires and Wiltord were rested all because they had to go and play in a nothing game down under. I have paid my money to watch a fully strengthed  Arsenal team play against the arch enemy. And asking Manchester United, Chelsea and Leeds do the same thing is out of order.

Like I say, this is not a bias opinion. It's just comman sense surly? The same people who are standing up for this game are the same people who moan when clubs go round the other side of the world for meaningless club games in some "Best club team in the world cup". So what is the difference? It's just another excuse for these narrow minded twats to have a go at big names. Grow up morons. If England were to suddenly go and play China right in the middle of the season there would be the biggest uproar ever seen. Would that be seen as big clubs showing no respect to China or just a call for comman sense? Exactly comman sense, so again what is the difference.

If these pricks who want this game to go ahead just get their heads out of their arses for long enough they might just see it.
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