Arsenal have done The Double

Roy Keane has walked out on Ireland yet everyone seems to back his out bursts.
And Big Brother has started again
Four years of being runners-up in what felt like every cup competition in football. But 2002 saw possibly the best team The Premiership has seen so far. ManUre fans of course will argue that, but the records speak for themselves and they have all be broken this season.
Season 2001/02 was the closest title race in ages, but in the end Arsenal won it by 7 points, and broke record after record. Unbeaten away from home in the league all season, scoring in every game, and winning their last 14 games. Add to that Henry winning the Golden Boot, Freddie winning the Barclaycard Player of the season, Pires winning the Writer's Player of the Year and Wenger winning manager of the year, Groundsman of the year.....and Sol became a Gooner.
Arsenal just didn't go through one bad run the whole season, losing only 3 games in the league when everyone was saying that the winners would end up losing about 6 or 7. Dispite the nail biting finish to the season, we can all not look back on it all and see that there was never any doubt at all who the Champions were going to be. Even the game at Old Trafford didn't end up as a problem.
A record 22 players played enough games during the season to win medals, three of those keepers, showing just how bad the injury list at Highbury was at times as well. But this is not really a page about how great Arsenal are, this is more a 2 finger salute to the so called experts of the game and the reporters.
All season there was a kind of Witch Hunt against everything Arsenal did. Be it a call for any Arsenal player who got a Red Card to be kicked out of the game, to Arsenel Fielding weakened teams because we were not taking some games as seriously as we should. Of course all teams get their fair share of critisisim during a season but Arsenal always come in for more than most. And it's non-stop. The Vieira saga goes on every summer, dispite both club and player publically saying no one is going anywhere.
If you look back on the last season, what were you reading about? Was it the breathtaking football Arsenal were playing or stories about how dirty they were? Brain Woolnough reported on the Henry incident against newcastle back in December what must have been over 20 times. Still moaning about it well into March. Add to that how Arsenal's poor dicipline record was going to cost us the title every week and you would think that Woolnough had something against the club. It was also reported by this idiot that Arsenal no longer cared about the FA Cup. Our away game against Newcastle in the 6th round was the game in question. Arsenal had literally 11 fit first team players. As a result we were devaluing the cup by playing the players we did. A total insult to Edu, Richard Wright and Freddie who were the only players who came in to the team who had won at Newcastle only the week before in style. Of course Brain Woolnuts was not the only one, Harry Harris that well known Spurs fan and Rodney Marsh were also at it all season, as was John Sadler. Paul McMarthey also enjoyed Arsenal
bashing through the 9 months. Then of course we had Fergie trying his mind games. Which we are now all used to, but Giggs joined in this time as well to comical effect.
Everyone of course had the chance to make up for it once The Double had been won in style, but no all the stories were of how Fergie had messed up this season. WHAT. Surly any team who wins their last 14 games deserves to win it no matter what other managers have done during the season. And as a result of this anti- Arsenal behaviour the achivements of Arsenal seem to have been forgotten only weeks after the season has finished. Of course The World Cup build up has something to do with that but it's almost as if it never happened. Had it been Manchester United we would still be reading about it.
But dispite all the magical football Arsenal played this season no one wants to report it. Best forgotten eh lads seeing as you have all been proved so wrong.
So here are two fingers to all you idiots who pretend you know so much about the game. You couldn't have been more wrong if you tried.

Winning away at Anfield with 10 men
Coming back from 2-0 at home to Villa to win 3-2 in the last minute
The Dennis wonder goal against Newcastle, the best goal I have ever seen
Seaman's Penalty save and the Pires lob away to Villa
Freddie's goals during the run in.
Winning the title at Old Trafford
Lauren's cool last gasp penalty against Spurs
Two Picture book goals in the FA Cup Final.
Sol's performance at Shite Hart Lane
This has been a wonderful season.
So Roy Keane thinks he did nothing wrong. And it seems that far to many people agree with him.
This leaves me totally bemused. He openly called his manager a f***ing w***er, a crap manager and a c**t of a person and people still think he should be with the Irish camp. Are people really that thick? I guess so. No matter what player you are, how can you say that to the man in charge and not expect to get sent home? Keane as captain has a right to speak up if something was not right or there were issuses but to abuse the managerment in that way is to much. In an age when reporters and the public are calling for players to be role models how can they all be saying that Keane should still be there. What sort of role model does that make this player? The other issue is Player power. All we read and hear is that players have to much power, well wouldn't letting Keane of just be giving more power to these players? Yes. The Irish Prime Minister even wanted to act as a go between to get the player back out there. God help us. If this had happened to a lesser profile player he would be sent home a disgrace and that would be the end of the story. But because it is Roy Keane who is the only World Class player this Irish have he must be treated differently. Well I think Mick had no choice but to send him packing. McCarthey's record I think is very impressive. The Irish came through a group a lot of teams would have really struggled in, and they were unbeaten. They then had to go to Iran to make the finals in the play offs. How can you aregue with that. I have always thought of the Irish team as a TEAM, a far more impressive one than that of England's. To have Roy Keane stay would have ruined that spirit. Ok they might now not get as far as was possible with him, but he had to go.
Big Brother 3 has started, and that is good news for me. An Insomniac who now has something brain dead to watch.
And already there are two I need to kill. Spencer thinks he's all that. Thinks he is going to be the first to have sex in the house. Well it will be alone going on the signals given out by the girls so far. His late night swim on their first night didn't impress anyone. "Go get my goggles from my case, I'm gonna find out if there are any camera's at the bottom of the pool". You go get 'em Spencer, and don't forget to smoke your fags holding them in that really cool way that school kids do when they are trying to impress the girls.
The other one who needs to go ASAP is Jade. A mouth bigger than the entrance to the Channel Tunnel. She spent her first night worrying about her microphone. Don't you worry your fat little face about it love, your more than loud enough.
Of course it's early doors and people do act different when they are wanting to be liked, and it's maybe only fair to give these people a chance to be themselves, but with everyone else acting relaxed you get the feeling this could be them acting normally. BUT would it really be a good thing to have these two out so early? Remember how boring last years got once Bubble went. Everyone got on but there was no life left in the house, and it was so bad that everyone was praying that Helen and Paul would shag just so there was something to watch. Maybe it would be fun to leave these two annoying housemates in just to see how the others can cope with them? But will it leave me looking for late night
episodes of Knight Rider or The Equaliser somewhere on satellite land? But maybe Kate will keep going into the pool will keep me watching?
My early tip to win it is Sandy.
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