England play two vital World Cup games from saturday. Two wins are really needed in order for England to have any chance of qualifying for the next World Cup in 2002. BUT I for one will not be following ...........here is why.
Here we are a few days away from the game against Finland. We know the squad and we are starting to see who will be in the starting 11. We already know who the captain will be. And with us getting nearer to the Finland game we are starting to get a picture of how Sven will be running the national side and what sort of teams and formations he wants to play. And it is at this point that I am starting to find it harder and harder to follow England. It has been building up to this point for some time now, but only now have I just had enough. From conversations I have had with others it looks like I am totally alone in my views, but I can no longer give my support to a team that consists of mainly Man Utd players. I just can't do it. If what I have read over the past few days is correct, and most of it seems to be direct quotes from Sven himself, them the team who play Finland on saturday will consist of at least one Neville Brother, Beckham, Butt, Scholes, and there are rumours that he may well go with Sheringham and Cole up front as well. Now putting these players in an England top is not enough for me to suddenly start supporting them. I have had enough of these players during the Premiership let alone having to have our national team flooded with them as well.
Now before I get the usual, "ah not enough Arsenal players in the team then". I suppose thinking about it, that is pretty much the problem. Not really that there are not enough Arsenal players in the team, but too many players that I hate. Now I am not saying that these players are not good enough. That is a different arguement, and not the point I want to make. No this is purly the fact that I refuse to support a team that consists of player I would other wise hate if they were to be playing in a league game.
Now if you look back at past England teams they have never really been flooded by players all from the same team, well not that I can remember anyway. The team of '90 was a total mixture, the team of '96 was as well. Even the '66 team was. Now this makes it easier to support them. Suddenly flood a team with players from the same Premier team and you find yourself supporting Man Utd in white shirts. But to be fair it is not just the Man Utd players that are putting me off watching England. We have the likes of MacManaman. I can't tell everyone that I think he is a pile of poo and then pretend he is great cause he wears an England top. So it is with this that I have made the decision to no longer (for the time being) follow or watch England. I know this is totally un patriotic of me. And you should always get behind your country blah blah. But I'm sorry I just feel sick at the thought of cheering on any team that has David Beckham as it's captain.

Now I know this will be the first page I have written where EVERYONE will disagree with me, but I just had to say it. These comments are in no way saying that the players in the England squad are not good enough, or don't deserve to be there. That is not my arguement. We all have our own ideal England teams, and the beauty of them all is that they would all be different. If I was pushed into a corner no doubt there would be Man Utd players in my England team, of course there would. They play for the best Premiership team, so they can't be that bad. But ask me to actually support these players and I just can't anymore. There are too many of them in the squad that combine with other players that I hate. Looking through the squad there are only about 7 players I can bring myself to support and only about 2 of them will be in the starting 11. So what is the point. I have never been big on International football as it is. Maybe England have had too many dull teams? Who knows. The thing is I know that I am not really alone, it's just that most people feel it is wrong for an English football fan not to support the English team. Well so be it.
Slate me, tell me that it is because there are no Arsenal players in the squad, tell me I am jealous, tell me I know nothing about football, tell me I am not a true football fan. I'm ready cause I know that I am not alone.

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