George Michael releases his new single
Shoot the Dog.

In his own words
he is going to war on war.
But is he? Or is this just a sick
publicity stunt?
You expect it from U2, Skinhead O' Conner or even Damon Albran, but George Michael now enters the arena as a high profile name making his thoughts known about events that worry him in the world. Shoot the Dog is his latest single and it's his first real political single. The main background to the track is the way the world is reacting to the events of September 11th. How we are fighting the war against terrorists, and what the outcome might be.
There is just one problem, it's a pile of shit and it's nothing more than a cheap publicity stunt to put him back in the limelight. Amazingly enough George has an album out in the not to distant future as well.

This single is nothing more than a sad attempt from a fading star trying to keep himself and his out of date music in the headlines. George Michael has nothing at all to say on the subject he claims he is addressing and the only risk he is taking is one that could see him disapper totally due to yet another tired single.
Shoot the Dog turns out to be a dance track as well. Surly if George has something important to say he would set the song to a better back ground than a track that will end up just being remixed for dance floors with pretty much all of the lyrics taken out in favor of a beat? And if he wants people to hear his message of peace why turn the whole thing into a dance track anyway. How many people listen to the words when they are dancing? Sure people might buy it but will it be for the song? NO. George has released enough guitar based tracks in the past when he has wanted us to hear the why is he trying to hide this one?
Of course there are other reasons other than just how the single sounds as to why I think this is just all total rubbish, George's whole out look on the matter. Some things just don't add up.
The main problems George tells us he has with the world at the moment are with America and Britain taking action against the smaller powers in the shadow of Sept 11th.
George is worried that if we continue to corner the enemy he will simply hit back with all he has. this of course could lead to WW3 and god knows what. These worries I am sure are ones we have all thought about during the last 6 odd months and they are more than fair enough. This is after all a dangerous time on our planet and I am sure we have not seen the end of whatever war has been started here. The problem is this, George's single is nothing at all to do with what he claims it is. It's a big statement to back up the single and if no one listens to it I am sure he would get away with it. What a big man he would look. In a time when he claims everyone is to scared to talk about these issues, George our hero comes out of the silence and says what everyone else is thinking. Three Cheers for our man with the voice of the people.
So isn't it a shame the single contains nothing more really than lyrics making out Blair and Bush to be lovers. As long as you are tackling the problem face on eh George. But wait it's ok if you don't quite get the message George is putting across, he has made sure he has a hard hitting video to go with the single. In it we see scene's of George Michael trying to have sex with Cherie Blair, George Michael trying to touch up the Queen, Bush cuddling Blair as if he is a dog, three versions of George Michael dancing with Geri Halliwell, oh and all three of them dancing with The Village People. How is that for hard hitting, and I hope you all noticed the war connection in all of those examples.
But in case you were still unsure about whether George really putting across his views on the war on terror or just setting up a big publicity stunt, the front cover of the single based on one of the front pages of The Daily Mirror that suggests Bush and Blair are to cosy.
His main reasoning behind this song is because George tells us his is extremly patriotic, and he doesn't want to see his country act in the manner it is. He is even quoted as saying that he has only ever lived for 6 months out of this country. So please explain the 10 years you have been living out in America then George? And how come you are now to scared to "return home" in America because you are worried that this single might come across as anti-american.
Of all the people you are no one to try and talk for anyone, how about you just go back to doing what you do best, wanking off in front of policemen in public toilets. Fucking moron.

I pray and pray that this single finishes off his already dead career. Then maybe his staying silent will be his only option.
I'm in dangerous territory..but my staying silent is not an option" claimed George in an interview. You must feel really strongly about all of this then George. So sure enough he penned Shoot the Dog. And of course what better person to speak on behalf of the people than someone who couldn't even come out for nearly 15 years because it might effect his record sales.
So there you have it, lyrics that have no real mention of a war, a video that just tries to shock and again has no real mention of a war and a sleeve on the single that isn't even his own work, just some front page from a paper.
Shit songs get on my nervous at the best of times especially when the artists try and make out they are about more than they are, but this is the winner. This is one of the worst cases of cashing in I have ever seen, and the fact that it is cashing in on such an horrific event makes it all the sicker. Remember this is supposed to be one of the best songwriters of his time, so why is this song so so far of the mark he claims it is supposed to be about?
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