The Brits 2002.
Prince Harry in a Heroin Clinic.
The Ginge winning Session Winter 2001.

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We have come round to that time of year again. And as you know I love to have my say on our dire Music Awards. So I will............
As usual The Brits have come up with some gems. Not known for their musical knowledge, the people who pick the nominations and eventually the winners, have yet again shown they have no idea what the hell is going on. And this time it does not have much to do with taste in music. Just their total lack of sense.

One of the funniest nominations last year was the inclusion of Sade in the Best Female Artist catagory. Having not actually released anything in the year 2000, the panel decided that she should be included. Well guess what, she is there again. WHY? Can anyone tell me the name of any singles she has released this year? Or the name of an album she brought out? I had to look it up, and it only came out in November. So this is a recent album, yet I have not heard a thing about it, yet it is so good she is named in the top 5 best female artists of 2001.

Almost as laughable as Elton John being included in the Best male Artist catagory, but then Craig David is also included after having released one single this year and that is it. Has the Uk really been this short of male artists of any talent in the past 12 months?

Another catagory that always makes me laugh is the Best British Newcomer. Now usually there are artists included that have been around for longer than 18 months begging the question as to how they are a new comer. But The Brits have this year bettered themselves with the inclusion of DIDO. Why should this be a suprise? After all she has had a great year and is now one of the most recognised female artists. Well the suprise is that she was nominated in this catacory last year. So how can she still be a Newcomer??????
Sade, done nothing, should win nothing
Ryan Adams, Never even heard of him, but up for an award
RadioHead, Time they were recognised and awarded.
Dido, Still a newcomer
Craig David, Done nowt for a year, yet up for best male
Bob Dylan is somehow up for Best In'tl Male Artist. Sorry don't remember him doing much in this country over the last 12 months. And I have no idea who the hell Ryan Adams is but he is also up for winning it. But if either of these stop the dire, Shaggy, Dr Dre or Wyclef Jean winning then who cares.

REM have some how got a nomination for being REM no doubt in the best In'tl Group catagory, where as U2 after their best ever year don't even get a mention.

Best nomination is Bob the Builder up for best single. Fingers crossed he wins and shows the awards for what they are.
And in a final show of ignorance The Brits have named Radiohead's album Kid A in the best album list. Bless them, not only was it nominated last year but Radiohead have also released an album since then. But you never know they might do the decent thing and award Kid A even if it is a year late. Craig David's album Born to do It is also an album that was up for this award last year, and guess is again this year. You can either laugh or cry at their shit for brains.
Going on what the judges have nominated here is how I think some of the awards should finish:-
Best Male:- None of the nominations
Best Female:- P J Harvey
Best Album:- Radiohead (A year late)
Best Group:- None of the nominated - should have gone to New Order.
Best In'tl Group:- A none nominated U2.
So Prince Harry has admitted to under age drinking and smoking Cannabis. And of course the press have had a field day. Oh the shame of it all. A member of our Royal Family, a druggie and a drunk. Thank god Charles swept him off to a heroin clinic to help him kick is addiction.

What a load of rubbish. So Harry has done some underage drinking, so what. Show me one kid who hasn't. I hardly think he has a drink problem, with the press being as sensitive as they are we would have heard about that long ago. And as for him trying pot, well again I should think the number of kids his age that have tried it is higher than we think. Now of course because he is part of the Royal Family, they have to be seen to be doing the right thing. And of course that is right, but shipping him off to a Heroin Clinic, come on. In a time when the Government have said that they are to make Cannabis legal to a certain level, isn't this sending the wrong message out?
Now I don't use it, never have, never will, but I know enough to know that you can not make a connection between pot and heroin, no matter what the powers that be have us believe. Wasn't it proven to be safer than a pint? So surly to put such a connection into peoples heads is wrong? Is it fair to connect someone who uses Cannabis to a herion user? No doubt the short sharp shock was on the Royals minds?????

But what about his underage drinking? Well like I say, find me a kid who has not drunk before his 18th. He is just a kid, just as curious as any of us were.

I think the main thing that has got up my nose about all this is the attitude that has gone with it.
Apparantly using Pot makes your head grow bigger than it's usual size
Mainly from our friends the press. We have had 4 pages covering it in each paper as if this is the behaviour of a kid out of control, when the truth of it is, that most kids are doing this. I would even bet that the kids of some of these moral reporters are at it. He is being a teenager in today's world, that's all. It's almost refreshing to see a member of the Royal Family being human. Of course all of this sends out the wrong message if we all turn round and say it's ok, but everyone is acting as if this really is a case out of the ordinary.

I mean what next, "Prince Harry knows a swear word shock". None of this makes him a disgrace, none of this makes him a dreadful person, thankfully in a way it means he has some idea about what goes on in the real world. Unlike his thick grandad.
It's all getting a bit hypercritical for my liking, give the lad a break. I should think the embarrasment will stop him doing any of it again. God considering the scandals that surrounded both his mum and dad, I'm not suprised he needed to chill out.
On the day after the stories about Harry had come out, William is older brother, was out killing animals for fun in what is considered a family tradition.
But Harry is the one bringing disgrace to his family.

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