In the very sad case of murder victim Jane Longhurst, killer Graham Court has been told he will serve a minimum of 30 years of his life sentence.
But this doesn't seem to be the end of this very sad story. The family of Jane Longhurst are now calling for a clamp down on certain websites.
The family of Jane Longhurst are understandably upset, shocked and in pain none of us could understand unless we have been through the same thing ourselves. In their grief they have pointed towards the Internet as part of the blame for the tragic death of Jane. It has been shown that sick Graham Court was a fan of some rather disturbing websites that included necrophila and women being hanged and raped.

Now there is no denying that Court was a very sick individual. But the internet is in no way to blame, and calls to stamp down on what the internet contains are wrong.
Like I say, you can totally understand the family attacking the internet and seeing it as something that simply fuelled the fire which ended with Jane being killed, but we now seem to be faced with so called experts who seem to have been waiting for something like this to happen so they can jump out and start their annoying and pointless "the internet is bad" campaigns.

The main voice of the people is yet again the so called intelligent Carol Vorderman.
She is no stranger to this debate, and so it's prehaps no surprise she couldn't wait to have her say again.
She is quoted as saying into one of todays papers:
"I have absolutely no doubt that these sites encourage abuse and the argument that just because you are visiting it, it doesn't mean to say you are doing it has been discredited. My belief is that one, inevitably leads to the other".

Well I for one totally disagree.
There is no way you can blame an Internet site for the way someone acts in real life. There is no way looking at material of any nature will make someone do anything they don't already want to do.
Let's put it this way. Graham Court didn't just stumble across these sites and think to himself "oh these look interesting, I think I'll stay a while". No he must have searched for this material. These are not sites you suddenly come acorss if you type into a search engine "I'm a sane human being".
No one but Court typed in the addresses of these sites, no one but Court did a search on "raping women" or whatever sick stuff he was looking at.
It is simply a need to blame something else in our modern world. No one ever wants to just accept what is obvious anymore. The man was sick. Simple as that. Socitey always needs to look for something that fuels such evil.
Blame the Internet, that's not policed.
How can these so called intelligent people come out with such rubbish.

Ok maybe there is a call for Search Engine providers to just check exactly what they allow in their databases, that is a fair shout. They choose what they allow to be found within their search engines, and it would be a very creditable thing to take a stand on something like this. This isn't policing the net, this is just a search engine company choosing what they want in their database.
But the second you do that, someone will come up with a perverts Sick Search or something.
Of course, the individual would still themselves have to go to this site, so again it would have to be something they already had in mind long before they turned on their PC.

The idea of the Internet is that it is a form of free speach, and that is how it should stay.
No one needs go to sites they don't want to go too. Unless you are looking for it, you won't find it.

Ah but what about protecting our children I hear you all shout.
Please ask yourselves who it is who brings the Internet into these kids homes. The Parents. If they can't police what their kids are allowed to see, then they can't blame anyone but themselves. There is plenty of software around that will stop children from going onto adult sites. Chatroom can also be blocked if Parents are worried about their kids talking to perverts. If your that scared of it, don't bring it into your home.

We live in a sick world at times, the Internet can be a sick place, but it can be avoided and there is no excuse to blame the net for anything.

Tonight Full Metal Jacket is on TV, this is just as likely to trigger some gun happy madman as is a website.
There is a story in the paper today about a Father who stabbed his family to death, no mention of The Internet triggering anything off. He was described as "a total nutcase". So can't Graham Court have just been the same? Just becasue he looked at a few websites doesn't mean he was sane before hand.
We also have a story in the paper about the culling of rare green turtles, we even have a picture of a man clubbing it to dead while the poor thing is stuck on it's back.
Wooooh hold on a minute, won't that picture trigger something off in people's otherwise sane minds. Will we not now find loads of people going around copying this picture? After all it's in a Newspaper for all to see? No of course it won't but it's a picture none the less, much like pictures you can find on The Internet.

It's time to stop blaming the net for everything that is sick in our world.
These thoughs have to already be in these sick people's minds long before THEY go looking for website about these subjects.
There are some very sick people out there, but it's down to whoever is in charge of the internet in their homes to police where kids go. It can be done and should be done. If parents are willing to allow the net in their homes, they have to take responsability for the content that is allowed on the screen. If they can't they shouldn't be allowed it.

You wouldn't allow your kids to own a knife, yet they are out there, you wouldn't buy your kids a porn magazine, yet they are out there. You wouldn't allow them to have these things because you know it's wrong. So please start using the same logic to the internet and there will be no problems. Adult magazines are on the top shelf to keep them out of reach from kids, all you have to do is do the same with adult websites. Yes it is as simple as that.

A madman can buy a knife in many a shop. Why? Because he is an adult. It's his choice to buy that knife. If he is going to kill the chances are I would say that he is buying the knife knowing he is already going to use it? Isn't that a fair statement? So if an adult goes to an adult site, chances are his hunger for that subject is already at the point where he is going to do something about it. What are we going to do? Clear all shops of knifes incase a madman gets one? Of course not, that would be madness.....exactly.

So please Carol, use some of that intelligence you have.

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