Well the courts have delivered their verdict. The whole country is saying it's wrong. Maybe.....

But it's pretty much everything but the court case that has got me going here, I'll explain.
Well it took two court cases and over a year but at last the circus is over. Lee Bowyer and John Woodgate have been found not guilty of GBH against an Aisian teenager in the streets of Leeds. Woodgate has still been found guilty of affray and will serve 100 hours of community service. But unlike the rest of the country it seem's something else has got my goat surrounding the whole thing.
Now from the off I know what I am about to say will proberly be taken the wrong way and I am going to come off in favor of Bowyer and Woodgate, but I'm going to go ahead anyway. But as I am here, let me just say I'm not in favor of them at all.

In the days after these two were arrested, and in the few days just before and after the verdict, something really got my blood boiling. It was the amount of two faced people throwing in their 2p's worth. Most of course was from the press and we expect nothing else from them. But others were people who had made themselves out to be people who would do the right thing whatever the verdict. And the rest I feel is us now as a nation. The Ginge getting heavy......well it's wound me up.

Ok where do I start, ok well might as well start with Leeds United Football Club, and two individuals. Manager David O'Leary and Chairman Peter Ridsdale. When the players were arrested for their alledged part in the beating up of another man the club stood up straight away and said they would sack either player if found guilty. But did stress that they would continue to pick them and have them at the club until found guilty. Something I believe to have been the right thing to do. The club continued to echo this as the trial went on and even when it went to a retrial. So here we are. And both players are still Leeds United players. Only one was found guilty and that was not of GBH, so Leeds are right to keep them on??? Well maybe but only today in the sunday papers we have David O'Leary plastered over every back page ranting that these players had let the club down, they had disgraced the club, and had lied to him. yeah but you won't sack them will you. How two faced is that. Surly if the club are going to keep them on, the last thing the manager should do it publically say things like that. You could argue that he is right in everything he says, and I think he is, but he doesn't have the action to back it up, nore does his spinless chairman.
It's not that I believe that they should loose their jobs because of this, because I believe that their job has nothing to do with it, (but I am a firm believer in that idols of kids should never over step the mark, but that's a different page altogether) it's the fact that the club said that they would take this action to start with. Ok there was pressure put on them from the off to say that, but if they had no intention of following it up then shut up. But there is of course more comments that make their whole stance even more laughable.
O'leary has also said that he is out raged that the FA banned the players from being picked for the National side during the time these players were charged. Fucking hell the club and O'Leary want to make their minds up don't they. Playing for your club is one thing, it's your job, but being picked for your country is something totally different. And yes is does matter about the image of the players who are picked. So I think the FA were right. But I'm sorry O'Leary you really do need to sort out where you stand. Because so far you and Leeds are very two faced.

So what about the press and the nation, well they kind of come hand in hand on this one. What I noticed during all of this was that we are rapidly turning into a nation that is starting to class most people guilty before proven inocent. Something which really does get my veins bursting. Now of course we all have opinions, but does anyone actually step back anymore and look at the facts?  NO.
What do I mean by that? Well this. A lot of people were very happy to say these two were guilty long before the case, more then joined in during the case, and now they have been found inocent more are saying they got away with it. OK then what did they get away with? Bet these people can't tell me anything other than what they have read in the papers can they. NO because they were not at the court. So the only people who really know the whole truth and heard all the evidence are the people who were there. But the Press were there I hear you cry, and your telling me they didn't just fill their pages and News reports with what we wanted to hear. They don't need to lie when they simply leave bits out.
What I am trying to say is this case was a good example of us all now believing what we want to believe before we know the facts. What if they are both inocent? That is what has been proved, so who are we to argue? None of us heard the evidence, none of us were there that night. But these two will be remembered for being guilty, how does that work. Simple they were tried before a case was even brought to a judge. Now I'm not whiter than white and I don't claim to be, but you have to step back and look. I'm not saying these two should have walked out of this as clear as they have, their behaviour even if it was simply watching and not doing anything about it was wrong. But they have been found not guilty of GBH. Simply because we have made a judgement one how they play football or the way they look does not make them guilty.
Is that it, if only.
Don't you find it amazing how straight after they were found not guilty the papers also today have been full of other untold cases about these players. One was from a so called ex lover of one of the players, claiming that he dumped her a few months before they were due to be married because he found out her mother was half Indian. This woman has had a year to come out with this so called story, and I really don't think it would have taken someone that long into a relationship to have found that detail out do you.
The other story was of one of the players been seen going balistic at a fast food resturaunt and physically abusing an Aisian lad. Again why the wait, why wasn't this reported long long ago. Surly it would have been if it was 100% true, wouldn't it?
Maybe these other two stories are true? But if they are not, that means someone get's labeled unfairly, and we all end up believing these people are somthing they are not.
Labels are very powerful things, call someone a rasist, or a muderer or a rapest and it sticks even if they are inocent.  OK sometimes justice isn't done but unless we are there to hear it all can we really pass judgement?

All I know a bit more heavier than my usual rants, but this one has just got me going more than usual. Not so much as I said the case, more the actions surrounding it.

One answer is of course stop reading the papers............................................
But how else do you get to see topless holiday shots of Kylie?
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